Big 12 / SEC / B10 Expansion Thread (Part 2)

WSY and OSU would get The B12 to 18.

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Before SMU/Stanford/CAL i wanted nothing to do with WSU & OSU.

The ACC adding those 3 may have made the ACC equal to the Big 12 IF a few schools leave.

If so…we stay in sync with them.

They stay at 16 so do we so adding those two NOW makes little sense.

We wait to see what happens to the ACC.

Uh no.

The ACC is already LESS than the Big 12 based on money per school.

If the three blue bloods leave…it’ll lose almost everything, as the tweener brands leave for more lucrative conferences.

As for adding those two, I guess I can live with it if they come in at a reduced share.

If nothing else, we’d add two ranked teams, and it’d be easier to create East and West divisions.


Just like the Big 12 when they LOST ALL of their Bluebloods?

Texas A&M

How did that work out for the Big 12 when they back filled with G5s?

Even if the ACC loses FSU, Clemson, UNC…they can still backfill with the likes of USF, UCONN or maybe they’ll attempt to add WVU, UC or UCF.

The Big 12 being HEADS AND SHOULDERS sbove the ACC is not going to happen.
The 3 adds stabilized the conference

For the BILLIONTH time.

The Big 12 had QUALITY football brands to reload with.

The ACC…like the PAC….DOESN’T.

Toolame, UConn, and USF won’t make up for that.

That’s not the same as adding BYU, Cincy, UCF, and Houston.

Not close.


Very well.

They now make more money per school than the ACC.

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Glass houses LAW…

Houston and Cincinnati have 40k stadiums. Houston has yet to even sell out a game this year.

I know we are all proud Coog fans but put the kool.aid down.

BYU had a following the other 3 were G5 programs that got the promotion…not 120,000 seat stadium Blue bloods

Why would those schools leave the more lucrative Big 12 for the less lucrative ACC….and especially for a MUCH less NO blue blood ACC?

Doesn’t make sense.

If you believe that that’s a possibility….then you obviously don’t understand money very well.

BYU, Houston, Cincy, and UCF all outdraw Tulane, UConn, and USF in football and have other fan bases with far more historical success.

Not close.

Everyone except you understands that much.

Plus…im pretty sure the Stanford/CAL/ SMU addition will put the ACC schools ahead of the Big 12 in revenue distribution, per school.

They will take the funds the networks are paying for the additions that they are NOT distributing to those 3 and will share among the members.


Tulane is a former SEC school and is an academic powerhouse (which the ACC likes)…and sits in New Orleans. Oh and they won a NY6 Bowl…LAST YEAR!

USF is an AAU member, former Big East school and are making incredible investments with a new on campus stadium.

UCONN is a basketball Blueblood (which the ACC likes) and like USF they were previously in BCS Big East.

Those three will fit as seamlessly as the 3 Big 12 G5 adds.

It hasn’t though.

Current ACC members are getting about the same per school or only slightly more……and the new three are getting little or None (in SMU’s case).

Big 12 is the third most lucrative conference in terms of payouts per school.

That’s why FSU is pissed.

UCF is going to making more on TV than they are.

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Huh? More lucrative? What?

The truth is that nobody knows how much the media broadcast rights will be worth for teams in either the Big 12 or the ACC 10+ years from now when the ACC grant of rights is set to expire allowing for some ACC team realignment movement.

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Big distinction

The networks are paying 3 new full shares to the ACC but the ACC is just not giving that full share to the NEW members.

They are dividing it up to the current members to INCREASE their share/year to get them more than the Big 12 schools

LAW…you really need to fully understand the facts before you wildly defend something that is just inaccurate.

Cal, Stanford and SMU will come at a significant discount, which will help create a revenue pool to be shared among ACC members. SMU is expected to come in for nine years with no broadcast media revenue, sources told ESPN, and Cal and Stanford will each start out receiving just a 30% share of ACC payouts.

That money being withheld is expected to create an annual pot of revenue between $50 million and $60 million. Some of the revenue will be divided proportionally among the 14 full-time members and Notre Dame, and another portion will be put in a pool designated for success initiatives that rewards winning programs.


Basically, ESPN is paying the ACC a full share for the 3 new members…but the ACC is then distributing the withheld NEGOTIATED distribution amount (100% in SMUs case) to the current members to get them closer to SEC and B1G 10 distribution numbers …putting them ahead of Big 12 schools

Goodness. You may be the only person on earth that thinks that those football teams are the ACC’s future salvation.


Straw poll.

Who here thinks that Tulane, USF, and UConn are comparable football brands to BYU, UCF, Cincy, and UH?

I’m guessing no one except 1927.

It’s not more though.

Haven’t heard that anywhere.

Do the math LAW…pick a school that isnt leaving.

Lets say 3 leave (FSU, UNC, Clemson) and you are North Carolina State debating to leave the ACC for the Big 12. Thats 14 members-3 leaving= 11 members pre add.

They are GURANTEED to get their base revenue
1/11th of 100% of SMUs revenue for TEN YEARS (through 2035)
1/11th of 70% of CALs share for x amount of years
1/11th of 70% of Stanfords share for X amount of years
1/11th of the buyout penalities for UNC, FSU , Clemson leaving before the GOR expired
Any additional negotiated incentives ( % of shares) for adding UCONN + USF + Tulane

Then close to 2035 you can find a new contract.

Why in the WORLD would you take less money to go to the Big 12…lol