Big 12 / SEC / B10 Expansion Thread (Part 2)

Currently they are NOT higher.

And they’ll be MUCH lower without their blue bloods.

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…but their amount is LOCKED in till 2036 and the current members are taking the shares not paid to SMU/CAL/Stanford.

The Bluebloods leaving won’t change a damn thing because adding the 3 reduced the likelihood the conference dissolves

That locked in part makes the blue bloods even MORE anxious to leave.

And WHEN they leave, the ACC will be left behind with dwarves and a crappier TV deal than ever before.

Huh? That’s the same false claim that folks were making when UT and OU (the only two blue bloods) decided to leave the Big 12. Nobody knows what the future media rights deals will be for either the Big 12 or the ACC. At this point, nobody knows…


Yes but adding the 3 pissed them off because they will hold them to their buyout amount if they leave before 2036 and then divide the amount they pay the conference among the 11

Take a break LAW…you obviously have not researched the details behind this move and why it made sense for the 11 non FSU, UNC Clemson ACC schools and SMU.

They thought this out through 2036

Because the Big 12 had quality brands available to reload with.

The PAC didn’t……

And the ACC won’t.

Sorry, those are the facts.

Doesn’t chsnge the fact that the 11 have ALL THE INCENTIVES in the world to stay together till the contract renewal in 2036

Look…i was the biggest 3x20 advocate there was (SEC + B1G + Big 12 (after they raided the ACC) but the ACC adding the 2 PAC schools + SMU was pure genius.

Not necessarily from a FOOTBALL standpoint but from 1) they posion pilled ESPN into paying the ACC THREE new full shares
2) they took away the option of getting enough votes to dissolve the conference,(which is why NS State was on the fence till the very end) and why the 3 blue bloods voted NO
3) ensured the 11 NON FSU UNC & Clemson schools would get a bucket of extra $$ IF those three stay (via the shares of the 3 additions) and a boatload of extra $$$$$$ if those 3 leave before 2036 ( via the outrageous buyout for breaking the GOR) …thus safeguarding a raid of the ACC till 2036.

Basically they are now daring FSU , Clemson and UNC to leave.

You are looking at this whole thing BACKWARDS

Oh dear

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I like uhlaw for the most part, but he’s very confused about the ACC situation. I wouldn’t waste your time arguing with him about it anymore lol

He fails to understand why the ACC invited the 3 new schools


My opinion: When we inevitably go to a P2, B12 or ACC won’t matter anymore. Only the biggest and most notable brands will make it.

UH happens to be a million miles behind right now. We need a serious overhaul to make it.


Or P4.

More than 3 would leave thou. SEC is not going to stop at 19, nor will B1G see themselves fall behind. Bare min is 4 leaving. More likely 6 or 5+ND are leaving.

So they are looking at being 12 to 14 schools. Unless B1G takes Stanford, which will make it worse for ACC, having an Island at the other side if you are Pitt, or L-Ville or Miami is not going to look good. Sure adding the 3 is fine to force FSU to calm down a few years, but those 3, especially Cal-Ford becomes a determent down the line when the 4-6 leave.

I guess I have to say law is right once again.

Fla st , clemson , & n car are leaving. Then Louisville,Miami etc / any good brands left will scurry to the big12. The money will go down for the Acc and if they add Tulane etc, it’s basically the aac.

Again fla st etc will leave when they can simply bc they “can”, just like Texas and OU did.

What would you do in 2036 or a few yrs before if you can leave like Fla st etc bc the money gap between the Acc and sec big10 is too big to ignore.

I only agree with y’all that smu had to do what they did however it’s short term.

If Fla st , n car and clemson ask the big12 or sec , those leagues will say yes. They aren’t moving yet bc the buyouts are too big now unless Fla st etc raise the money. I did read Fla st is trying to raise the money. And yes Fla st did get pissed bc now Ucf is p5 and making the same or more money so they are pulling a Texas in what Texas would do if Houston was equal. No league is gonna turn down those 3 big brands.

So this is what y’all aren’t understanding

$60 million divided by 15 is only $4 million bump per year with equal distribution. Yet it says some of that will go into a different pot to be distributed based upon performance. So maybe a $2 million bump per school plus a bigger bump for FSU and Clemson. Don’t think that keeps the non-name schools in line with the Big 12.

And for what reason? I think one reason Tilman got us in and probably couldn’t have gotten Memphis or SMU in is because of our football program has been resilient as a g5. We have bad years and we have very good years. But in the last twenty years we haven’t gone on extended stinkers. We should not be complaining about depth. We always said we were p5 ready.

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Plus the GOR buyout + media rights for the schools that break the GOR before 2036.

FSU + Clemson + UNC were pissed because the addition of the three took away their best option- dissolving the conference with no GOR buyout fees

There is no buyout as no one has left yet. The ACC is behind NOW. What the TV market is in 2036 cannot be predicted. Plus by that time that pot from the three additions will no longer be split for the other schools.

You can’t use future buyouts that have not occurred, while ignoring the fact that the current bump will go away at that time.

edit: Plus the Big 12 will get to renew before than again.

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Good point on the shares being equal in 9 yrs or so and the clause of doing well to earn more reeks of patch work to make it work. Watch what happens when smu buys their way to beating Fla st etc . The more successful smu , the more flat st and clemson will want out bc they don’t view smu as equal. If Texas dies well in the sec, it’s different bc they view Texas as equal.

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Only winners in this are SMU, Cal and Stanford. SMU gets to play in a power conference starting 2024. That a big deal.

Cal and Stanford stay power schools. I still think they will demand larger shares within the next two years.

The ACC is the loser in this . They didn’t need to expand, stretching their geographic footprint across the country. I think they panicked and overreacted to big12’s move. Then forced espn’s hand over prorata terms.

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I don’t understand how SMU generates more pie TV-wise.