Big 12 / SEC / B10 Expansion Thread (Part 2)

Not a chance. I’ve seen that video before. It’s not new.

As I said.

With the blue bloods, that would be a lateral move, money wise.

Without them, it would be a demotion.

Those schools aren’t going to agree to take a potential demotion.

Anyway, the Zags may be back on the table

I thought BY said he was focused on the current teams in one of his last pressers a few weeks back. So much for that.

Maybe so, but that was so a few weeks ago.

What is this “solution to college football?”

This is the code work of salesmen. Lol

There’s no solution. There’s just a bunch of greedy bast-rds.

UNC would beg to differ. The ACC is an incredibly top heavy league in terms of success/fan support/money/etc. If you strip away its top 4-8 brands it’ll be primarily a collection of private schools with little fan support. I don’t think they’d have the allure to pull away any teams from the Big 12 at that point.

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The ACC is just a league that was pushed to panic by a bunch of “internet people.”

Nothing’s gonna happen there. The reason these GOR’s need so many attorneys is because they have to be iron clad. Most times you live within the parameters of a contract until you’re willing to face financial ruin to escape. And no one wants that.

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The genius of that contract which they model it after the B12 which is very simple contract not to wordy.

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I’m as worried about the ACC as I am the Mountain West. Not that they’re the same. I’m just not worried about them.

This thread isn’t going to stop is it?


Ain’t that the truth about this thread?



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This thread is 88.1% done

I think the ACCs collapse or lack there of will also depend on how many schools they lose. Also as some in here talk about the ACC attempting to entice WV and Cincy, im pretty sure Yorkman is already licking his chops at going after schools. If ACC loses 6… if Yorkman can poach 2 or more it collapses.

USF is potentially a growth brand although their history shows a distinct desire to NOT embrace that sports wise.

Personally, I don’t like the prospect of conferences collapsing, I don’t think it is good for the fans who will miss the rivalries. Yes, I am glad to be in the B12 but I don’t delight in the PAC12’s demise nor would I in the ACC collapsing. But the colleges have sold their souls to the almighty TV dollar.


The Acc will survive in some form but Fla st , clemson and north car constantly wanting out has to be irritating and bc they can, they prob will eventually. Those 3 have the UT and OU mentality of since we can, we will. I hope once they leave, the Acc is still somewhat viable as a major conf but they will get paid less than the big12. Them trying for Cincy or west vir won’t help Fla st etc from leaving so Cincy etc won’t jump to a sinking value.

I think they backfill and remain the 4th best down the road.

It is good for us to have another p4 conf vs just 3 bc then it’s tougher for espn to totally rag on just us. You’d have the sec, big 10 then 2 other power conferences.

Pac12 Football is freaking done!
Hell Yes!

Can’t wait for next year!

Good Luck in Basketball. Hopefully we get a Final 4 rematch of 2022! Haha


Glad y’all are joining with the 3 others , exciting teams and natural fits being so close to the big12 footprint.