Big 12 should go after USC

Where there’s smoke… actually this kind of move would not be surprising.

Now if they get USC, they’ll need a 12th member. To keep the Texas block strong could another Texas schools in an large market be a possibility?

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Yes it makes since. Wouldn’t you want to be the conference to do the eating than be eaten?

I’d rather replace USC than dog and pony show 2016…If USC go, PAC can use us. Rice or SMU would get it, because Houston won’t comply with Texas. Bring us in PAC


It wouldn’t make sense and adding UCLA would be the best option.

But if we can finally exert some political muscle then neither USC nor UCLA would happen without UH.

If USC goes to the Big 12, the pac will experience a huge hit to their media value. It won’t be as bad as AAC media deal, but the significantly lower than the next lowest Power conference. And if USC goes, how long before Washington follows?

Political muscle would be useful and may rock the boat a little but I doubt it could force the Big 12 to take UH. Currently the Big 12 needs 8 votes for expansion, they can easily lower that to a simple majority of 6 and UT will be totally “helpless” to prevent expansion. And everyone will buy that crap!

Stupid idea, and won’t happen.


Agree, not happening.

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You think UT is going to vote (or allow other a Texas schools) to give up its current control of the conference?


They’ll be a behind the scenes agreement between the programs on who to vote in for expansion. The reduction to 6 votes from 8 will just be an way for UT to say it couldn’t control how the non-Texas programs voted. After expansion they’ll revert back to 80% votes needed for expansion.
If UT wants to keep UH out of the Big 12, it will find a way.

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And on a side note, USC going along to the Big 12 sounds like a pipe dream. I’ll bet their admins, coaches and players can’t wait to fly to Manhattan KS, Stillwater or Lubbock for road games.


How are any of these cities worse than Pullman, Corvallis?

It’s all about money. If the Big 12 can make it worth it, USC will jump. At this point in time I doubt the Big 12 could offer USC enough to make with worth it for USC to switch conferences.

We’re not getting into the Big 12 (I don’t want to be in that conference anyways). It ain’t happening. But I wouldn’t mind replacing USC in the PAC 12. (Probably won’t happen either)

There is nothing behind the scenes if they vote to reduce the voting requirements and then turnaround and vote to move it back. That would be a ridiculous process that would fool no one and serve no purpose.

I agree UT will keep us out of the Big 12. It just won’t be by doing that.

Well I bet the other PAC cities don’t feel like the desert like Lubbock do…

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Nope. Not Tucson nor Phoenix. Nope.

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Shhhhh, can I make a point of why not to be happy about Lubbock (lol). OK, got one for you. Snowy crashes…(please don’t beat me there).

Every official vote will be unanimous.

Vivid Imaginations

I am happy with the AAC. Remember, success may be getting what you want; but happiness is wanting what you get.

We have a good and competitive conference without one or two teams pushing everyone else around – and I don’t mean on the fields of play.

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