Big 12 to interview 17 schools about expansion, sources say

The 17 schools that will make their presentations to the Big 12 include Cincinnati, Houston, BYU, South Florida, UCF, UConn, Memphis, Colorado State, Boise State, Tulane, Temple, East Carolina, SMU, New Mexico and Northern Illinois, sources said.

Sources also said it’s “becoming less and less likely” that the league will expand to 14 teams. The most likely scenario is that the Big 12 will stay at 10 teams or only add two schools for a 12-team league with two six-team divisions, sources said.

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The only two AAC schools not in the mix are Tulsa and Navy.

Sorry but they left out …

KitchenSink U. and Wossamotta U.

What a joke.

Time to go watch another circus.

Mark Berman ‏@MarkBermanFox26 · 6m6 minutes ago  Santa Clara, CA

As expected @UHouston 1 of the schools that’ll make a presentation to the @Big12Conference in an effort to join the Big 12, source confirmed

2 schools in column A
2 schools in column B
13 schools in column X

This circus has been going on far too long; I am beginning to think the whole thing is just a show, and that they have no intention of expanding at all. They just want ATTENTION!

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Schools were going to have to do presentations all along, so it isn’t that much of a surprise. 17 seems like a bit much, but it is what it is. I wish we had a timetable when all of this is supposed to happen.

I think the 17 number is just to allow them to say they were completely open-minded about potential candidates. I agree with coog57–they have no intention of considering 13 of the 17 candidates.

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They left off The University of Phoenix.


Yep, they’re undefeated in football, right? :grin:

Personally, I hope our “presentation” consists of a signed contract admitting us into some other P5 conference, with a hand-written note at the bottom, saying “Have a nice day.”


Seriously, what kind of conference says they don’t want to have a new member because it will hurt their recruiting? Ever hear the SEC, PAC, or B1G say that?

Actually the sec is a very good example of not having the majority of your schools from one state. Each state has a max of 2 and those schools can vote not to let a competing school from the same state join. If you live in Georgia and you want to play in the sec, uga baby, no competition there. I think they get their pick at running back.

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i agree 57…i think this is strictly to protect the Big 12 legally, so every school that wants to has their chance to present…There are only 4 or 5 serious candidates…

It appears Bowlsby and Bowen are two of the interviewers … who are the others??? …

Are the interviews being taped so that the presidents can watch later and decide. Since they are deciding why are they not all in on the interviews.

I guess MOST DEPRESSING is this is being dragged out another two months to mid-October before a decision is made and we will have to endure more conspiracies innuendoes and wacked out theories from our board participants on the going on’s behind/below the radar …

why do you think this will be dragged out?? Every school should be able to make a presentation over the next several weeks…Set aside a weekend and just do it…

According to the article …

The league said it hopes to make a decision on expansion by the Big 12’s regularly scheduled board of directors meeting in October.

Does TSU get to present as well?

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