Big 12 Trying to Woo Gophers Away from Big Ten -

Didn’t Coog Boog say we end up in the B1G some day? Maybe this is the reverse. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

CHECK YOURS!! Texas and Oklahoma is Big 12 heartland… Always has been, always will be…

Next up… Maryland. Because we have nothing better to do.


There are no teams to gain in Texas and Oklahoma

Not sure where we could get a Chech team from

Arkansas is right next door.

The time for the Arkansas State Red Wolves is at hand!

Of all the B1G schools, Minnesota? Really?

Why not Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin, Iowa or even Sparty. But MINNESOTA? Come on man lmao. There’s no way that is real.


I am guessing the source came to him in a dream about 3am one morning.
either that or someone in a crowded bar heard someone 5 tables away mention Minnesota but not about the rest of a fishing trip and assumed it was a Big 12 person wanting the school.

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NOT happening.

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Iowa and Ohio currently has 1 school to the 6 in Texas and Okla. Feel free to look up what heartland means…
And this thread is nonsense… Minnesota isnt going anywhere.
Teams to gain?? Yeah, they are in Arizona…

Yeah, 100% can’t be true. No sec or Big10 is leaving.

Sure…when pigs fly…

Makes zero sense.

Do we even want Minnesota?

I’m calling BS on this rumor.

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I’d imagine a complete conference realignment where each conference has BRANDS, keeps their OOC with other BRAND rivals, and just creates an equal pay situation for the three superconferences.

We then get an eight team playoff. 3AQ, 3 runner ups, two at large through some random wildcard game.

Maybe B12 could trade us for them…. doesn’t our hockey team play in B10 already?

I can see why they might consider it. They would dominate B12 mens ice hockey

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Thats some damn expensive championships

Less than what A&M is paying Jimbo and their recruits to finish 3rd in the SEC West.

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Rice to the SEC confirmed as well…

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