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9 Hours ago

BTM: OU Contacts “Herding votes and official voting on 4 school packages will occur before September 1st”

“This will not go beyond August”

Big 12 prefers to decide on expansion teams before start of 2016 season

OR … below the radar/behind the scenes … it has gone from this …

to this …

to this … 08/31 …

or probably UConn vs. Memphis …


Crap. That doesn’t give the Pac-12 a lot of time to come up with a sweeter counteroffer.


Dodd casting more doubt on Coogs than I would like.

Dodd has been pretty consistently anti-UH, to the point that I suspect he may be doing someone else’s bidding. Maybe UConn?

Dodd’s main B12 contacts are in Kansas; Kansas isn’t pro-UH.

He implies that BYU is the one school with “tradition.” I’ll put UH’s “tradition” up against one-hit wonder BYU’s national championship any day. Remember that BYU ran up its records playing in the WAC, which at the time was one of the weakest, if not THE weakest, conferences in the U.S., while UH was in the SWC. Nuff said. And we have filled the record book using 18-21 year olds against their team of 22-25 year old players. No doubt Dodd will fire back but I’m ready for him. I Tweeted including @UHCougarFB. Should get some support from a few people. @UHFan79

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