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Just got a text from a friend that the Big 12 has rejected UH membership.
Very sad news.

“Rejected UH membership” is pretty strong or is it “no decision at this time to expand”. I guess we’ll see details at the press conference

Not so fast. Read an article just a few days ago, the gist of which was not getting into the Big 12 was the best thing to happen to Louisville.


hopefully we can say the same in a couple years

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They didn’t vote on any individual school. The B12 will be no more oncd the GOR ends

We need to just keep going 1-0 every week, pack the stadium, travel well and buy merchandise to build our brand. We will become more attractive as we progress.

From our friend, Red McCombs:

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Problem is now… why would Herman stay in a place where it’s virtually impossible to compete for a National Championship? Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s no real serious way the G5 can compete for a championship. Expecting a team to go undefeated is unrealistic as it almost never happens.


Just what I expected; so - let’s move on to “Plan B,” whatever that is! :rage:

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How many times has Boren said “new technology” in regards to network ideas in this press conference? It’s like his kids just told him about web streaming and it blew his mind.


Boren is just another stupid politician. But, I repeat myself!

We have to be competitive no matter what. Pack our house because of us, not because of who we are playing(granted I’m preaching to the choir here with that one). I know it sucks, but at the end of the day, we control what we do, not what a bunch of idiots want to do with their rinky-dink conference. We will keep winning and going to NY6 bowl games until they can’t ignore us no more.

We should immediately try to schedule with teams from the BIG, ACC or PAC 12. Forget the Big 12

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Apparently. Seriously though, he might have said it 20 times already. He clearly got rocked by something in the presentations this morning or over the last few weeks.

I would like for us to do that as well, SACoog. Problem may be, whether or not teams from those other P5 conferences would want to schedule us because they have nothing to gain and everything to lose, so to speak. Who knows?

I wasn’t too privy or big on our prospects with getting in the Big12 to start with. Especially with the history we have with some of the teams in that conference. They can’t say we don’t belong because we already proven that we do, but 10,20,30 year old stereotypes are still being held on by some within those fans bases and far as I’m concerned, they can keep their ignorant attitudes and watch their conference fade into oblivion.

I agree with you, but no P5, we stay stepping stone and a coach grooming institution - which I am so sick of along with everyone else. It’s so frustrating because all of us here do our part, and it’s beyond our control.


I’m not a lawyer or play one on TV, but how is this rigged system not anti-trust or anti-competative?

Boren has been visibly sweating and looking down fiddling with his pen almost the whole time. That has to say something about how good he feels about the process and results.


I’m know what you mean. I doubt our leaders are going to sit idly by and say, “Well, we didn’t get into the Big 12, lets stop spending, promoting, and pushing our product and brand.” I don’t have any insider information, but I do have a business degree from our beloved university and learned that we do not put all our eggs in one basket and “hope.” We’ll see. I still have faith in our leaders.

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