Big blow to Alabama

Nimari Burnett done for the year? Could miss significant time

The guy who was guarding Sasser tough on Saturday

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One of the guys… But, yeah, he did a great job on Sasser.

Only averaging 8pts. But was a starter

I’m sure he’ll be ready for us in March.

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Watch Memphis beat them tonight :sunglasses:

They match up good with them.

Btw, Burnett was crucial in baiting Jarace Walker into two silly 3 point fouls that kept them in the game in the 2nd half.

Thought that was milller

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The color analyst for Memphis-Alabama just said he thinks UM is as good as Houston.

Wow. Reminds me of the opposite happening (to us) last year after we played them. Sasser had to have surgery after last year’s game due to foot fracture.
Mark also had to have surgery after same game because it was tough and aggravated his shoulder.
But ours was worse situation - it ended both of their seasons.
Burnett will be back playing before the playoffs.

And I thought the 2nd foul was a garbage call…


Alabama up by 3 at halftime.

Nah… He foul Burnett first when they were cutting on the lead @Kyle_Be_Coogin

The one in the 2nd the half was weak…

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True but the guy was like 28 ft on top of the key. I would of just gone up.

UH didn’t get no home field advantage calls.


I watched a replay of the game and UH couldn’t buy a bucket in the first half. I think if they hit even a few of those, they could have ran Bama out of the gym. It is what it is.


Memphis is a team to be reckoned with. They probably should be ranked.


They look good… Davis is ridiculous.

I always have liked Lomax’s game, too… But I think Dandridge might’ve gotten injured this game.

The second one he kicked his leg out to make contact. Complete bull#%


Yes, Kendrick Davis is a baller but most of us already knew that.

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