Big Boom


Yes sir , Super duper Boom

Man what a conundrum. I’m really excited for this upcoming year, but now I really want 2017 here, too. And 2018. Sci-fi guys, we know how to live in multiple temporal planes yet?

This is really turning into what could prove to be an unbelievable era of football. The concentration of talent is growing to a level of density not seen since the SWC.

We are set to have one of the deadliest WR corps in the county. Welcome home, Mr. Dickson!

Pic that went with the tweet:

and 24/7 rating (h/t GonzoReiter)

The hits just keep coming!

Great morning, Coog Nation!

Woo hoo!

A shame he has to sit, but it is a huge get. I wonder how that would retroactively affect our signing class

Someone pointed out that he would have been our second highest rated recruit last year.

Using 247 class calculator, the new point total would have ranked 36th, up from 40th. With the group at 33-37 separated by a hair.

Of course, they didn’t include Catalon or Kyle Allen in their original ranking.

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Huge pickup, lots of talent coming to UH.

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