Big Boom!


This is a really big get for the Coogs. Our defense is looking to be a force to be reckoned with.


Absolutely huge. Had two SEC offers. Also Texas and Kansas.


Wow! What a get! Welcome to UH, young man! Go Coogs!

Side Note: I hope this will quiet the outcry by those Coogfans that have been crying about the lackluster recruiting during Holgorsen’s tenure.

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Does this mean Holgorson doesn’t suck anymore?


Some comments that were made by certain chronic complainers look premature…once again!


I love the fact that not only UH flipped a B12 commitment, but beat out a second B12 school whom I despise. It also shows that the UH program has some recruiters. Now, the coaches are going to have to get these guys to perform on the field for some W’s.

Yeah, I am sure glad we aspire to be the 7th ranked recruiting class in the aac. (5th best by average stars).

I am happy he is coming here and he looks solid but overall we are relying on way too many grad transfers, portal kids and jucos. All of which are not a solid way to build a program.


You’re talking to the wrong person. I’m not going to get back into debating the flaws in recruiting rankings set by recruiting websites. Sorry. I trust the coaches and that’s all I’m going to say.


in your opinion as a highly successful college coach…


Many here will disagree, but Cincinnati being in the playoff hunt all the way to the last week has to help.

We are recruiting 17 and 18 year old kids…they have a short history of what has happened in the past.

Showing an AAC team could possibly make the playoff is all they need…we ‘may’ have an example right here!

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I trusted Helton, I trusted dimel. I trusted art that since he was proud to be a Coog that he would never leave. Never trusted Sumlin. Trusted Levine because why wouldn’t he want to be here? Trusted in Herman’s message until mid second year. Trusted applewhite because like Levine, he wasn’t going anywhere. Trusted that big money Holgs was going to turn the ship around. Year 3 of recruiting and he hasn’t even recruited as well as Levine.

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Sounds like you have trust issues… :grinning:


I’m sorry those coaches have failed you but we’ve been beat by lessor rated teams. The same metric in which you condemn CDH, is the same metric that shows there is more to the show than staring at an arbitrary number. That’s why I’m not a firm believer in these sites. Ask BYU what their 247 Team Talent Composite ranking was when they beat us this year. What about Hawaii, or the year we lost to Army? What was San Diego State’s team talent composite ranking when they ran over us in that bowl game?

The coaches you mentioned aren’t failing you by themselves. Perhaps you are putting WAY too much faith in recruiting rankings. I know horn fans have been hurting for a decade trying to figure out why their 5 stars are getting whipped by Baylor, Iowa State, and Kansas State.


I am all about hiring a guy that is committed to being here long term, taking over a talent less program in key areas and slowly building depth and getting better each year. Let’s see how 2021 plays out. If we are not better, I will eat my hat.


Do hats taste like chicken ? ? ? ? ?

At Popeyes


Sumlin won more games than the ones you trusted.

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Oh yes he did. But you just knew he wasn’t going to stick around after Briles burned us. I set the right expectations internally for him.


Doesn’t everything?