Big Boom!

excellent post, xsmith. Recruiting rankings are not designed to be accurate, because they CANT be…They are designed to sell info…to thousands of aggies and longhorns who will spend thousands to read about how great their recruits are SUPPOSED to be…
The whiners need to shut up about CDHs recruiting. CDH is following a very proved and prescribed way to build a program using combo of HS kids, transfers and JUCOs. THAT was the formula for the best coach in the big 12 for many years…His name was Bill Snyder, and using that formula, he turned Kansas State into a very strong program for decades.
. 2021 is going to be the year that CDH turns things around here…


Dan Mullen at Mississippi State as well.


Yep. And the All CUSA grad transfer center we just picked up was a 2-star out of high school!


Cheese Enchiladas don’t

There’s lies, damn lies and then there’s stats…

Win and they will come…it ain’t rocket science

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I will take your word, I have never had a cheese enchilada and don’t intend to.

Gooey, chewy, and dripping with enchilada sauce and grease. Heart attack on a plate. Yum!

Larry’s in Richmond. It will change your life


lol, used to go to Larry’s several times a month. Go to Perez Family Cantina at 6 and Bissonnet now.

It’s the only thing to get at Larry’s. Anything else will take your life.

I’ve eaten at Larry’s in Richmond, but not cheese enchiladas. I found the food very greasy and personally didn’t care for it. But, I am not a Mexican food fan anyway. I prefer Italian, Cajun, Chinese, and just regular American.

Holy crap! That is the most shocking thing I’ve heard in a long time. How have you never had a cheese enchilada? Try one at any Los Tios or the Natalita’s on 290. Make sure to get the chili gravy.

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I can vouch for that one. Good stuff. (pro tip: try the Changito)

Just don’t mention any bat by-products !!

It offends the weak !


Edit: never had an enchilada in my life. Will stay that way.

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It will set your toilet (ahem, and colons) on fire!

I’m thinking the Subject order on Coogfans should be Football, Basketball, Baseball & FOOD…since it comes up quite bit on here! :grin:

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I never understood the desire to eat things that make your mouth hurt and make you sweat. All that heat just hides the flavor, which may be the point I guess. I like to eat things that please my palate and don’t burn my mouth. Some people have no idea that there are spices that aren’t peppers or hot, but they are delicious.


Wait a minute…isn’t Blackened “anything” a Cajun Dish ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: