Big Ed

I didn’t get to see Wilson Whitley play; those that did, how does Ed Oliver compare. Dude is a ridiculous force. Besides all the other plays, he was the one sprinting on the field on the next to last play, getting onside, and then busting through and stopping the RB for a loss.

Video of Big Ed celebrating after the game:

Whitley was a beast…but I am not sure if he played as a freshman. Not sure freshmen were eligible back then. Maybe someone else knows…

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WW started as a freshman. That team won 11 games as I recall. He was big, mobile and usually very angry on the field. When he lined up with Lee Canalito also on the Dline we were a force! Wilson died way too soon. He wasn’t even 40.

I think Ed Oliver is on a similar career path. Not many players are this dominant as true freshmen. He is a game changer.


edited to add this…it’s the Whitley entry on the National Football Foundation H-o-F site.

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Still seems too good to be true that we landed this guy. What a beast!

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Freshman DT Oliver dominating for No. 11 Houston

“From week to week I guess the game has slowed down a little bit compared to Oklahoma,” he said. “I was kind of just running around, and now it seems like I’m kind of just playing football.”


UH would have the best defense in the Big 12. The depth should be outstanding next season. Need to find a place kicker and one of the talented qb’s in the roster we need to replace Ward. From top to bottom next year’s roster should be salty.

He is a freshman. Just think on how he can improve both technically and physically. He is also is/going to be a great “ambassador” for recruiting.

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My thoughts exactly. I can only imagine what this dude will be like after a year in the program and going through an offseason with Coach McKnight. My guess he rolls out next season around 305 and still has wheels on him. His 6’2" and 290lbs looks nothing like my 6’2" and 290lbs lol!

People ---- Watch the highlight video of Aaron Donald of the St. Louis Rams. Ed Oliver is a clone of this guy. Quickness, power, leverage, agility, speed, great hands. The total package for a penetrating 3 technique.

Ed Oliver will be a top 5 pick in 2.5 years.

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