Big if

If UH was to try and schedule a regular meeting between with the whorns or the aggs which would be more likely to do it? Personally I’d want to play the whorns year in and year out but they don’t want to do that so would a&m be willing?

Maybe not every year but fairly often



Forget them - both of them; our destiny lies elsewhere!


Lets schedule with USC every year.


USC and UCLA…in football and basketball.


UT is the only one of the two who has been willing to play us since the SWC broke up.

aTm has had opportunities to do so and passed.

I don’t want to play either in anything ever again.


Neither one will play us right now and probably won’t anytime soon.


I agree with Patrick. Also the “bleacher fiasco” still is a very bad taste in a bunch of old time bonghorns.

I wish AD would just go up and down the PAC getting games. Establish a relationship.


Remember when ATM left the Big12, they suggested for Houston to replace them…what a backhanded thing to do. They knew it wouldn’t happen…and they hate us as much as horns. Don’t care to play neither!!!

It is an excuse…weak excuse. No one got harmed…we kept that from happening.


Derrick - You’re correct no one got hurt in the bleacher fiasco. The fact is we did not set them up according to fire department safety code in a timely manner. We could have set them up very early and then we could have had them inspected and made the corrections to meet code. I blame our then in place U of H Athletics and Administration departments and the carryover from them hurt us for awhile. We are much better now and the bonghorns know it. The bleacher fiasco is just one of many excuses the bonghorns use against U of H. If we don’t play bonghorns or Gaggies again fine with me, except maybe in a very important post season game, and we win!


I agree 100 per cent! They both hate us - and fear us; to “H” with both of them; let’s just ignore them and go our own way. We will be much better for it!

As for the “bleacher fiasco,” we did indeed prevent a possible tragedy, but they will never admit it. No - instead they keep braying that we should have let them dictate WHERE we should have played them. I have to keep saying to myself, “Get thee behind me Satan,” to prevent thinking that we made a big mistake by not letting the stands collapse while filled with whorn fans. So far, I have been successful, but it would help a lot if the whorns would just keep quiet!



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Point is moot. They ain’t scheduling us.

Nebraska, Colorado, Arkansas, every PAC 12 school except for Stanford, Tennessee (maybe). Those are realistic.

If you can schedule OU you can schedule anyone…except the grotesque Texas welfare programs.

Its actually a relationship issue. Our AD should still have some good connections in Cali.

I don’t think OU expected UH to become what we became.

Ask OU in 2019 to renew a Home and Home and I gurantee they decline.


Not going to happen if we lose to likes Tulane, Tulsa and by a mile to army. Win NY6 bowl games and these gals will want the hottest dude in the block.