Big Men and CKS

Great to see Lath, McFarland and Tugler commit.

This is not talked about nearly enough but this coaching staff is able to maximize the talent of big men. Think of what you thought the first time you saw these players play:

Chris Harris Jr.
Brison Gresham
Josh Carlton
Reggie Chaney
J’wan Robert
Justin Gorham

Now fast forward how they played their last year at UH. All benefited by being coached by CKS and staff and all maximized their talent.

My three favorites who made the biggest leaps are Chris Harris Jr., Justin Gorham and J’wan Roberts. These kids practiced hard, were coached up, and waited for their moment. And Roberts and Chaney are still getting better.

Can’t wait to see what CKS does with Lath, McFarland and Tugler.


I can’t wait to see Francis continue progressing either.


Josh Carlton’s leap was awesome… he was all-conference and arguably our best center in decades…he was a UConn outcast before. Amazing the impact he had last season, especially after the injuries.


Yeah, Jarace is gonna be incredible by the end of the season. I can’t wait to see his progress


I also want to say I feel robbed not getting to see Chris Harris in the NCAA Tournament his senior year. He had really started putting a completely well-rounded game together including making free throws.

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I was just telling my son last night that they should give an award named after Chris Harris to the team’s most improved free throw shooter.

Might be J’Wan this year.


And Javier not too far behind them.

We haven’t seen enough of Javier Francis but all indications are he will be on this list one day.

Josh Carlton had awful hands and turned the ball over any time players got near him. He was tough to watch.

Josh’s biggest negative was that he could not guard the perimeter. That why Roberts got so much playing time in the tourney

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We ought to inaugurate a Sampson Prize for the “most improved player” in their senior year.

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Voted on by the players. I’m surprised they don’t have that.

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