Big men

Can our style of play allow for a big men to come to our program? I see quite a few Euros in the 6-11 to 7-4 range on other squads. Hakeem the Dream Olajuwon was unique but it would be beneficial imo if we had more.

I think it depends on what type of “big man” you are talking about. He would probably need to be long, athletic & be able to run! 3 point arc has really changed the game!

A Clint Capela type would be a perfect fit.

Our tallest player is at 6-10 then we have two at 6-8. That seems a bit thin.

There aren’t a lot of good big men period in todays game. Sampson has said he wants his 1-4 to be able to play from the 3 pt line to the basket. The 5 man has to be able to run the floor because of the type of pace we want to play at so if you think we are going to get a big bruiser he wouldn’t fit with this team.

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I think we are taller on average than last year when we were one of the shortest teams in the country.

there are but its rare…

the ideal big for us is:
high motor (fighting for rebounds)
fast enough to get down the court quickly
endurance enough to do it for 25+ mins a a game

they are actually quit a few produced each year (6 to 8) that are over 6’11, but they tend to be in the 4/5 star range that is currently above our recruiting level

mo bamba, jarret allen, James Wiseman would all perfectly fit in our system

also euro bigs tend to be soft, i dont think samspon would want that type of big.

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Sigh…Jarrett Allen would have been great here and we’d have made 2 NCAA tourneys in a row.

Thanks, Jarrett’s greedy mom and Texas’ bagmen who put him in Austin in a bad fit.


He would of been the equivalent of Ed Oliver in basketball. But to think he would of gave us two years when he only gave Texas one is foolish.

I think Sampson will bring in another big for '19. I love Chris Harris, but to depend on him next season, would be very risky.

I meant that he would have been here two years ago and we probably make the tourney that year since our biggest problem was the post. I figured he would have left, but we made it with last year’s team without him anyway.

I think you go for a big guy whenever you get the chance.

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World scouting.There are quite a few big men that we could/can & should recruit.

Can’t teach size…

But what does size do for y’all if it don’t have talent.

Guards the rim mainly…

I don’t know man, Meyer had size but couldn’t play worth a lick, partly because he wasn’t athletic enough. Those were the days CKS was building the program.

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This big we have now has some inside game. I like his effort too.

What can a tree do to a Mini Cooper?

He had a few good games… but point taken.