Big question for you CEOs and War Strategists

When do you bring Tilman into the room? Right away, or wait till it’s a done deal?

From the reports of the Big 12 having issues with him, not at all.


You keep him behind the scene pressing buttons and pushing others to influence the process.

When the deal is done, you bring him out, tell him to smile, shake hands and play nice.


I don’t know the guy or his personality. Is that even a possibility, or does he need to be right in the middle of everything?

Depends…is he still on the Board of Regents?


I would bring him in from the get go. Tillman is a large part of the reason our athletics is where it is today. Fertita Center donation, his association with the rockets, Dana deal and overall supporting the athletics program financially bring our spending on par with some of the P5s. Our tv contract sure as hell doesn’t provide enough to compete. Big 12 May still say no or may not be here down the road, Tilman will be. Let’s secure our known investment.


After paperwork is signed.

Considering they’ve dealt with UT for years, not sure why anyone in that conference would have any problem with Tilman.


He is already in the room. Some of the leftover ADs might piddle down both legs at the site of Tillman but the TV execs don’t. Tillman is their people,


TF is heavily involved.

I think Tilman has stayed on the board to get us into a better conference. It is his job #1.


honestly they know he exists - why even invite him to stir more up?

Like I said before, I am quite sure that he has a War Room going full speed…
Pretty sure that he has been “In The Room” from the very beginning, and I want him in there 24/7 until we get the invite(s)…

I am quite sure that he got to where he is by thinking outside the box, and solving problems that others find no answers for…

Network honchos, University Presidents, and egotistical ADs are going to throw up so many brick walls and roadblocks toward our candidacy, that I want TILMAN in the room.

We have a true 3 headed monster in TF, RK and CP……I want them to beat these folks over the head until they cave…


Told you so…

If you think for a minute that he was not again leading the negotiations, you are nuts.

He is a self made billionaire for a reason. He did not have an empire left to him.


And I would say 50/50 that he is not done yet. He just effectively put the option to the PAC…

this right here.

UT has multiple “tilmans” that the big 12 has been dealing with for decades.

I think whatever reports that came out saying they were turned off by Tilman were simply to try to get ahead of having another “big man in the room” if we join and inevitably start running the table int he conference.

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It’s not our decision what Tilman does or when he does it.

I just hope he continues to favor UH.