Big XII Shorts

There’s a TCU grad who has been making some fun shorts about the XII. You guys seen them?

Big 12 Thanksgiving - New Member Potluck

Big 12 Orientation - Houston

Big 12 Orientation - BYU

Big 12 Orientation - Cincinnati

Big 12 Orientation - UCF

Big 12 Audition Tapes

PAC 12 interviews the Big 12

Bag of tortilla’s on the sofa of TT, nice touch.

@Dan @Am3260 This Froggie made a video you can appreciate (RE: regional rivalries and UCF)

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I like the idea and a lot of them are good. I love that somebody is doing this.

Not to be thin-skinned or anything I think he should go back to the drawing board with UH (and UCF). It’s not even that I am offended… it’s that it’s too off-the-mark to be familiar enough to offend.

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I actually think he hit the mark on UCF. The UH orientation reminded me a bit of my freshman year Moody Towers roommate. UH stuff is somewhat… off, but to be fair, UH identity is not as well known, especially in the DFW area.

I sent Clint a message on Instagram if he wanted to access to UH material.

For UCF it feels like he just kind of went “What should I do for UCF I dunno Disney World is out there I guess I’ll go with that…”

Houston and UCF are hard, I will grant.

UH’s distinction within the conference is likely our Latino population but that’s a potential minefield. I probably would have played up the “student at UH who works a service job chatting while on his break” stereotype, if I had to pick one.

UH’s population is pretty diverse, but the character identity he’s pulling from is UH alum, Paul Wall. The Hispanic angle isn’t as much of a minefield as you’d think. As long as it’s done with a sense of celebration without disrespect or irony, I think it’s fine. Then again, the internet always pisses someone off.

There are other options:

  1. Overworked student: “Jesus, when do I have time for football? Sure whatever, just win, and I’ll… maybe come. I’m in almost 3 hours of round trip traffic just to come to class. I literally am one of 40,000 students fighting for one of 10,000 parking spots in a given week. I work three jobs because of the increase in inflation.”
  2. First generation student: "Yeah, screw those other schools. I have unending, but uncertain pride and I am not sure at what level I need to temper this. YA WOO COUGAR FOOTBALL! THIS SHOCKER IS A MIDDLE FINGER TO TEXAS. "
  3. Old Coogs: “We destroyed Texas in the 60s and 70s. WE WANT TEXAS. THEY SCREWED US ON MULTIPLE OCCASSIONS. FIRST THE SWC, THEN THE SEC, THEN TWICE IN THE BIG XII. I WILL EAT THEIR GD CHILDREN… as soon as my mobility scooter recharges!.”
  4. I’m sure there would be the other school “t-shirt” fan or failed out/transfer UT/Aggie as a joke too.

Four would hit a little too close to home, but would make more sense than Paul Wall.

Any of the other three is good.

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That’s pretty good. Thanks for sharing.

If done correctly, number 3 would be gold in almost any scenario.

Once I experienced SEC Shorts, videos like this do not hold my attention.

The SEC’s ER one was really good. A lot of the ones I saw prior to that seemed mostly just self-congratulatory.

Those are a full production crew - this guy is doing great as a solo act.


SEC Shorts have had some classics.

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