Big XII Television Partners' Disapproval of Expansion Is Bad News for UH

Big XII Television Partners’ Disapproval of Expansion Is Bad News for UH


So what? The contract is solid. $20 million for each expansion team. The Big 12 will compromise. Instead of adding four teams costing the TV partners $80 million, the conference will only add two (UH and BYU) and only force the TV partners to cough up $40 million.

Want to play hardball, ESPN? The Big 12 will go ahead and add four and see you in court.

ETA: I can’t believe the article never mentions the UT-Houston campus. That was a huge catalyst. For years, there was no way UT would let Houston in the Big 12. It seems pretty naive to believe that UT all of a sudden wanted UH in the Big 12 because the ACC created a conference TV network. If Big 12 expansion was in response to the ACC Network, why is there no talk of a Big 12 Network. I guess what I’m saying is that the creation of the ACC Network was coincidental to UT deciding it was time for the Big 12 to expand.

The author also makes too much about Lt. Gov. Patrick’s statement about SMU. No one is equating SMU and UH. Maybe Lt. Gov. Patrick is just playing to the DFW electorate. Who knows? A cynic may even think that Lt. Gov. Patrick is turning up the heat on ESPN and Fox by making statements that could be seen as encouraging the Big 12 to expand by four teams.

Fox is pushing hard for expansion…the difficulty is ESPN wants 2 and FOX wants 4…there is no disapproval…There is negotiation to see what finally happens…

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Based on what you’re hearing, if the Big12 goes for 2 teams, will UH be a part of the big12?

I’m just a little anxious that if they add 2, we’ll barely miss the cut.

I have not seen this mentioned other than in the BCSNN article with the flawed premise. The author said that Fox needs new content, but he failed to mention that Fox recently acquired prime first tier content from the Big 10 beginning in 2017.

Uhhh … DID Pendergast forget to set his alarm clock … he is not just a day late and ah dollar short …

HE’S TWO DAYS late and several dollars short … most ALL of his breaking thoughts were covered days ago …

Since then Fox has been found NOT TO BE IN CAHOOTS with ESPN …

AND a few writers … especially one from Az … have found UH and BYU as the primary candidates

Sean reminds moi of the dufus who after a LONG WEEKEND BENDER turned on his radio Dec 8th '41 and wondered what the president was so upset about and why was he picking on the Japanese.

right now 550, i think FOX, with their desire to expand by 4, and ESPN, with their desire to expand by 2, are having to decide how this deal will go down. ESPN openly wants Houston and BYU as its 2 members and doesnt want to pay for additional members. They say it is because the other schools do not bring enough to table for Big 12 membership, but likely its more about protecting their AAC turf from a huge raid and losing 3 schools, which would materially damage the AAC…FOX prefers a larger expansion because they are looking for content and need additional schools to get it…I do not know how these negotiations will end, but feel pretty good that Houston will be one of the anointed…We simply bring too much to the table, and the networks, as well as the Big 12 itself, know it…

I suspect Fox wants 4 but the Florida schools as the additions … which I believe NO ONE from the Big12 wants especially if BYU is added … they would need a worm hole just to get Provo and Orlando/Tampa connected.

Fox apparently has the funds and if they were smart they would go with flow and add who the Big12 wants as the last two PLUS throwing in a network to seal the deal.

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Link …

OKAY just another article from the Salt Lake City rag claiming Fox and ESPN were for years doing imitations of

Sgt. Schultz claiming they were NOT influencing expansion for any of the P5s … but in fact they were blatantly.

Or basically what we have known for several days or years already.

The paper like the Big12 didn’t want to upset the networks since critical negotiations are going on and as we know from apparent leaks BYU like UH stand at the top as the main candidates.

This just gets funner and funner.

pretty funny stuff we are hearing, Paws…Patterson grumbling about not wanting to return from a road game at 6 in the morning on the following day, like when he coached in the WAC…Sure Gary just LOVES the idea of roadies to Florida and Provo…

Just follow the money

old smoke screen info

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