Big12 and future Big12 doing great

Wish Baylor would have won. Imagine if TCU and Texas wins… you would have Texas Tech, Texas, Kansas, TCU, Iowa State, and Houston (future Big12). Am I missing anyone? What a freaking awesome basketball conference!!

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I really can’t bring myself to pull for UT, even if it gives the B1G another win. I don’t consider UT as B12 anymore, they are SEC in waiting.


This ^^^^

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NO to Teasip U everyday and twice on Sundays.


I don’t care what conference they’re in, never ever ever ever never ever pull for Austin.



Of the teams from the SEC, LSU, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama have all lost. Auburn is trailing Miami by 11 with 9 minutes to go. Only Arkansas has advanced so far, but Auburn could still pull out a win. SEC in waiting UT is down 28-18 with about 4 minutes left in the 1st half.

Yup the SEC is actually choking harder than the Big 10.

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Wishing for UT to win? What’s wrong with you!! LOL


I hate the whorns as much as anybody. But I looked at the FT’s Purdue and the whorns took 46-12 for Purdue. Wow!! 33 of Purdue’s 81 points came at the FT line. We’d be screaming bloody murder.

It just costs more.

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Isn’t Arkansas the only SEC team to survive the opening weekend? With victories over Vermont and NM State.