Big12 Basketball 2023-24

Anyone catch that Baylor game? 3 man weave had me pumped for a new and improved Baylor D — unfortunately it doesn’t exist.

Also, I really thought Wes Miller was gonna surprise some people this year. He’s not. Could be because of the two denied waivers, but hey, we lost two guys in 22 and finished elite 8.

Anybody see TCU being a surprise? Udeh transferring in, Micah Peavy’s a vet now, so is O’bannon. Coles is scoring like mad.

7 teams in the top 30

Once a week recap of B12 Hoop. It’s good.
They like Baylor’s upside.

3rd episode w Sam - Scott & Holman Podcast.
1st episode w Ben - On UCF Hoop support staff.


Bonnies beat Okie State…

This year may be the most open field i ever seen or probably will.

There’s like 15 teams that could win it all in April in St Louis.

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Including Our Coogs!!!


Big for Cincy


Wow. Good for them.

Wondering if Reynolds will also be cleared?

some more info

twin towers coming to cincy…

6’11 at the 4, 7’0 at the 5… and unlike utah, bandaogo is an elite defender unlike utah who were poor shot blockers

@pesik Bandaogo and Lahkin

If they can get some guard play. Why cant Cincy be a tournament team

they are deep, even at guards… for them its about gelling

pg - #1 ranked juco pg & a top 60 recruit (jizzle james)

sg/wings- 6’7 Simas Lukosius (multi year butler starter)… CJ Fredrick (iowa/kentuky transfer- career 45% 3pt shooter)… 6’7 Dan Skillings (a 4star from last year who is having a breakout year, current leading scorer)… and defensive specialist/6th year senior 6’5 John Newman

that’s 7 guards with high potential…

before the aziz news, the issue was they were kinda soft at the 5 (with vik)… but aziz, who is a DPOY from his league. the pieces are there for them, its about getting them to gel


Is his name really “jizzle?” Omg… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl: :crazy_face:


The kid is super fast and Edgerrin James’ son I believe.

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RaeQuan Battle waiver appeal denied

Cincy’s Bandaogo got his approved. Still no clarity on 2x time transfers. Great!

conference records so far


Oklahoma just beat Iowa & USC.

Their remaining non conf: Providence, Arkansas, and North Carolina. They win 2 of those. Gotta take OU seriously

Baylor has Michigan St and Duke. In its remaining non conference.

Texas plays at Marquette Dec 6th.

Kansas St plays Villanova Dec 5th, at LSU & vs Nebraska. Still without Nae’Qwan Tomlin, whos suspended

Kansas plays UCONN Dec 1st. And at Indiana Dec 16th

Cincinnati, TCU, UCF, gave themselves pretty easy non conf schedules

Oklahoma St, whos been a big disappointment, plays Creighton November 30th. Let’s see if the Cowboys have any life


Big 12 has 6 undefeated teams.
Only two other conferences have as many as 3.

5 other Big 12 schools have just one loss.

The conference is on fire and looks to have a shot at sending 9-10 teams to the tournament.


Wow the Pac must’ve had a bad week. They were at like 83% Monday.