BIG12 decision to expand could be by July

At this point, who cares? They will leave us out anyway - again - as usual!

And - if I am wrong, and they do take us in, they will make us wait for a full share of the money until their TV contract is about to expire, while they make more money from the increased membership - every year.

Not immediately getting a full share of TV money from the B12 might have a silver lining. IIRC CTH’s contract has a clause that says he gets a $5mm bonus if we are in a conference that pays the school $20mm or more in TV revenue.

If we get admitted to the B12 under an agreement like TCU’s, then it could be at least 3 seasons before we cross that $20mm threshold that would trigger the $5mm bonus for CTH. That could be enough reason for CTH to turn down offers from any other schools.

An interesting article especially coming from the home rag of the Big12 prez who recently stated he was against expansion.

The Big12 is either blowing A LOT OF SMOKE up their listeners rear ends OR maybe something may be up.

I’d prefer the former AFTER hearing ISU AD concept about who will comprise the two conference divisions … every OTHER standing member in one division and the rest in the other. Pollard has either been dragging on CoogBong’s bong or those Iowans are growing and smoking something other than corn in their fields. :sunglasses:

“At this point, who cares? They will leave us out anyway - again - as usual!” EatEmUp

“Just stamp your paper Sonny and stop wasting my time.” Red in Shawshank redemption.

Herman gets the bonus regardless of what UH’s buy in would be with the Big12 as the $20M is tied to what the existing members are making prior to UH’s invitation. If UH is invited to the Big12, Herman receives his bonus after UH becomes an official member.

Thanks for the correction. It’s a critical difference.

I think we’re all pretty worn out by this process. I won’t say I don’t care but when I look at the upcoming season and the potential UH has suddenly the Big 12 has lost a bit of its shine. Don’t get me wrong, if we get an invite we probably need to take it. But if we don’t I’m totally convinced we will land somewhere else and the Big 12 will live to regret passing us over. The playing field is much more level these days.

When is the deadline for an invite to be included in the conference for 2017?

7 days ago.

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