Big12 or bust for the Coogs

Remember the good ol’ days when fans complained about the Chronicle not covering UH?

They have done 2000% better in the last few years. That said, “or bust”? I don’t think so. More like or ACC or Pac12. Those are possibilities if UH keeps its eye on the ball. It’s up to UH more now than it ever has been.

Any P-5 or Bust. Big12 is too political…

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Big 12 is only one possibility for UH. Maybe not the best one. So the “or bust” part is a bit dramatic.
We will be P5 within 3-5 years.


I wish I could be more optimistic, but I don’t see any P5 other than the Big 12 as being a realistic option.

Other conferences are either geographically too far away (Pac-12, ACC), have membership criteria we can’t meet (B1G), or, in the case of the SEC, appear to already have their desired compliment of programs.

Yepp after listening to Duarte and Yurachek flip flopping like salmon in an Alaskan stream … its starting to ALSO sound like an Elvis song

Several days ago Duarte was stating that there may have been movement from a P5 in the west … but turns out it was just a tremor in one of the LA cemeteries and commish’s office … the dead are STILL DEAD.

Yurachek stated his options were still open which woke up you-know-who and his witch doctor from their rabbit hole plus some others rooting for the SEC B1G and that dead commish on the Pacific coast … with visions of sugar plums dancing in their head. NOW only recently HY apparently recanted with the statement that there was still hope for expansion from the Big12 … so much for keeping his options open …

Oh well … it beats going to Vegas and watching those fake Elvis’s while we have two nearby doing a nice imitation. :grin:

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