Biggest cinderella win ever!

maybe they will stop showing ncstate over uh in 83…
this win of UMBC over VA was fantastic.


I was thinking the same thing…It has been replaced…forever! At least that was the Championship Game…but this…WOW!

First Chaminade, now UMBC.

I think UH is off the hook now


Everyone wondered when a #16 seed would finally beat a #1. The wait is over.

I’d hate to see what the meltdowns on the UVA boards are like right now.

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#11 for UMBC that kid is a blur with the ball in his hands. He was creating open looks for his teammates all night.

I’d hate to be the next opponent. I don’t think this team is finished yet…plus let say this team and buffalo win their next match-up, they will play in the sweet 16!

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I don’t think they will win anymore games.


I predict they’ll lose in the next round, but nevertheless, this win will make this team the stuff of legend.

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This is what March Madness and college basketball is all about.
Can you imagine this team getting an invite to play in the football playoff. Would not happen.
Fairness and equity, trademarks of March Madness. Your pedigree means nothing, you prove it on the court. What a concept.


Anyone who compares this upset to the one we suffered against NCS in '83 is totally out of touch and has no clue. In '83 we lost to the hottest team in the country. The pack started the season with an injury plagued team and then caught fire at the right time. They won some great games, including beating Ralph Sampson and Virginia twice.
NCS had a roster full of high school blue chippers and was loaded in talent. I doubt they recruited anybody on our roster LOL.
But yes I think we should have won that game, and yes I still maintain Charles goal tended on that infamous dunk, but to compare the championship game to this monumental upset is stupid IMO…

I think replaced in the sense that they can stop showing that game when March Madness introduction start for the one that happened yesterday…I think that is what the original thread was about…

As I said in another thread, it took 35 years and 136 sixteen seed versus one seed matchups for it to happen. Convincing schools that football needs four rounds so that once every how many years the conference champ in the weakest conference beats the conference champ of the strongest conference, is just not logical.

Football only needs to expand to 8 so teams like 2017 UCF, 2015 Houston, 2011 Boise State, 2010 TCU, 2010 Boise State, 2009 TCU, 2009 Boise State and 2008 Utah have a chance to win it all.

When a number 1 seed in basketball loses, there are still 3 other number 1 seeds for teams like Cincy to beat or avoid.

Basketball as a sport is much more amenable to the huge underdog winning because you only have 5 guys on the court at once and the 3 point shot is a big equalizer. Much easier for one or two players to go bonkers and keep it close.

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I doubt they will ever stop showing that or Laetner’s shot to beat Kentucky…Also Valvano losing his life to cancer and his popularity of helping raise funds for cancer were huge also…and oh yeah, that was an offensive goal tending by Charles…LOL

Speaking of upsets…I am glad no one mentioned the Oiler’s 35 - 3 game! “Buster” Douglass / “Iron Mike” Mike Tyson was mentioned though…

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It’s so weird you replied to me with that when it strengthens my point.

Texas western v. Kentucky.

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Why is it weird to expound further on a topic? Not all replies should be arguments.

The Biggest Cinderella win ever?

I don’t think so.

I think what hurts the most for me personally is that those missed FT’s did us in. It would’ve been different if those weren’t a factor and it was just a see saw back & forth battle until the very end with that incredible shot to win it… but that damn shot on top of an opportunity for us to put it away really bites the nads harder.