Biggest thing missing

Innovative offenses demand a superior QB to make them work. In years past we were lucky enough to have Ware, Klinger, Ward, Keenum, and Tune, all phenomenal athletes. Because of them, our innovative offenses were hard to stop. Even though our defenses were usually sub-par, we were competitive. But lets face facts, that’s something we simply don’t have today. Donovan is a mediocre talent that has moments of greatness, but way too inconsistent. He is indecisive, constantly underthrows, and
throws behind open receivers.
Probably, this has forced Dana to simplify the playbook more than he’d probably like and has taken away one of our biggest advantages. One of my biggest problems with Dana is that he was unable to bring in a top tier QB during the Tune years that could learn the system and be ready to step in. Instead he panicked last year and brings in a project. What’s so frustrating is that we have the best receiving corp we’ve had in many years, but we have a QB that can’t consistently get the ball to them. CDH really should sit Donovan and try another QB, but knowing his personality, he probably won’t.


We need a coach with a method of operation. When that happens we’ll have QBs knocking our door down.

Player: “so what kind of system will I play in?

CDH: “*System? That ship has sailed, son! We’re winging it. We just are. We’re gonna make that #% up week-to-week.”


No Smith is our best chance on the roster just as Tune was, the problem is not our QB.


Smith was awesome against Texas and first half of Tech


Look at all our former QBs that made it to the NFL. Hardly another program has accomplished this. It’s stunning to me that we are unable to bring in a 4-5 Star talent. This ought to be an easy sale.

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But a no show against KSU. I call that inconsistent.
Sure, Donovan could be a much better QB given a few years. Kinda like Tune. But he only has another year and our clock is ticking.

In fairness to Smith, judge the QBs mentioned after 8 games. Each of them evolved into star QBs. The heir apparent to Tune was Kopp, and he was unwilling to wait his turn. That was a decision outside of CDH’s control. I’m not sure what the situation is with Coley. He was vying for a starting position leading up to the season and dropped to 3rd string. A depth chart is performance-based in practice, and either Ale has improved or Coley has either regressed or not improved.

All that said, I still think the OL is the biggest problem on offense.


Biggest problem on offense is Lack of Imagination…… ie, it is just boring and predictable !!


I agree, but dont you think that’s due to Donovan limitations and weak OL.

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Donovan reminds me of O’Korn

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Donovan is on a much faster trajectory than Tune. Tune was TERRIBLE for a long time - several years actually. Donovan has 20 total TDs this year and 5 ints. Very solid. The problem with Donovan so far is that he is either HOT or COLD for long stretches of games. When he is cold we can and do lose to anyone including Rice. Our defense, running game, and special teams aren’t nearly good enough to pickup Donovan if he is going through one of his prolonged cold phases. He also isn’t a good enough runner to pivot to that for a while during a game until his arm comes around again. Hence, if he isn’t throwing it well, we are putting up goose eggs on offense and losing to teams we shouldn’t (Rice) or getting blown out by solid teams (TCU, KSU). This is a BIG problem related to the QB - there is no way that is even debatable.

I got news for you cats, as long as CDH is coach, Donovan is our QB the rest of this year AND next year. CDH is gonna go all in with Donovan and transfers to get us to 6-7 wins in 2024 and save his job into 2025.


Seriously? O’Korn was horrible except for the BYU game at NRG stadium. 2nd year O’korn was unwatchable.

Exactly. And he is very tentative to tuck it and run. At KSU, he had 5 carries for 3 yds. Not much of a threat there


Whew, ok guys we can all relax. Turns out Dana is not the problem, just everyone and everything else is the problem.

But he can fix that with recruit…oh.


O’Korn had flashes under Meacham then totally regressed when he left. He was very inconsistent like Smith.

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Lots of problems here, but we all know where the buck stops.

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Yes O’korn went from being very solid to being TERRIBLE from one season to the next. It was kinda crazy to watch. Donovan is VERY good sometimes and VERY bad at other times in the same game. Not really comparable. You never thought O’Korn was gonna do anything good that 2nd year, with Donovan you know he can do well, you are just waiting for the switch to flip and him to get rolling.

Nick Eddy

I was thinking about Pillan, the year Case was out.

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This program is absolutely rudderless and floating around in the abyss with no direction or ideology!

For better or worse, Dana is a masterful masterful QB coach and at one point was great at Producing effective offense schemes as an OC!! HE IS NONE OF THAT ANYMORE!

It is very clear that Dana has never had to be a carnival barker as the job at UH SPECIFICALLY requires!!! As the CEO, your job is to promote an ideology and culture of success at the place you oversee!!

Dana Holgorsen has never been that or never will be that in my humble opinion!

Dana’s gift is that he can elevate 2-3 star talent into NFL quality players! He’s woefully inadequate at creating vision and mission and purpose for an entire franchise!

That is what is required at UH!!!

Dana while a fun loving guy is :100: in the wrong job as a HC. Period.

Just because you’re a great position coach and OC doesn’t mean you can run a 50-100 million franchise!

I see it in business every day!