Bill, Tom, and the Forgotten Cult: New England's Run and Shoot Concepts

Interesting little article about the Run & Shoot and how New England uses quite a few R&S concepts in their offense.

In his lone season as the Houston Gamblers offensive coordinator, Davis was able to coax 5219 yards out of some guy named Jim Kelly, who would graduate from the USFL before its collapse and go on to captain the derivative ‘K-gun’ in Buffalo. Pardee took a forced sabbatical from coaching following the demise of the USFL, but returned to football a year later as the Houston Cougars head coach. In his three years there, he would guide Andre Ware to a Heisman and witness David Klingler set an NCAA record for most touchdown passes in a game. That record – 11 touchdown passes – still stands today. He would then make the commute to the Astrodome to coach the Oilers and another Hall of Fame quarterback, Warren Moon. (The Houston program would be a springboard for offensive wunderkinds forevermore.)

Great article Patrick. Andre has mentioned it for years. As you know The Run N Shoot requires a ton of discipline and is not easy to understand. The Patriots using it is a perfect fit.

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