Bill Walton

Was channel surfing last night and caught some of the UCLA vs Notre Dame game. How in the heck is this guy employed as a tv announcer by ESPN? Just comes off as surly and irritable. I got the impression a couple of times he wanted to fight his co-host. I’d hate to work with him. I dunno maybe he was drunk.


I heard him a couple weeks ago and he was annoying the ____ out of me. Doing exactly what you said. I eventually muted it, then just turned the channel.

Back in the day when he worked for NBC, he always had a bunch of negative things to say about Rockets players, loved Shaq though…

Bill Walton has been that way ever since he came out of college. I don’t know what coach Wooden did to control him but whatever it was, he should have bottled it!


He is terrible, but it was pretty funny when they had Digger Phelps call into the game. Probably sucked for UCLA and Notre Dame fans as they completely ignored the game for like 5 mins.

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Walton always had and to this day has an attitude that just ticks me off.

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I watched about a minute of that game and turned it off, the guy and his schtick could make a freight train take a dirt road.


Don’t remember the negatives about the Rockets, but I do remember him always gushing about Dream.

Bill was probably the biggest Hakeem fan when it comes to national TV announcers.

Bill loves big men.

Bill loves the West Coast.

Bill loves the hippy lettuce.

i like Bill…but that has a lot to do with knowing what I’m getting…a biased and grumpy former player announcer who actually knows quite a bit about the game and how it should be played.

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You guys just don’t get Bill Walton. He is a cartoon character and he is awesome at it. Great dude and makes the Pac 12 games watchable. He and his broadcast partner Dave Pasch make it sound like they are after each other on purpose. It’s part of the gag. Bill Walton: The most interesting man in the World - YouTube


Bill did some games with Boog Sciambi a couple of years ago. Sciambi has a semi-warped sense of humor too, It was true performance art.

Matt and Lawdog are right. This is Walton’s schtick. You either love it or loathe it. Sort of like Dickie V. Personally, I prefer watching a straight up basketball broadcast, but to each his/her own.


Loathe both Walton and Dickie V.


But Dicky V loves the Coogs, Baby!

Not as much as he loves himself…