Bio labs in Ukraine

Bio labs do exist in Ukraine. Why have bio labs in an area prone to war?

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I hate to ruin a good story.

PolitiFact | There are no US-run biolabs in Ukraine, contrary to social media posts.


Bogus internet rumors need ruining.

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Yeah, but the denials or clarifications only make the peeps like Greenwald double down because it is all part of the Grand Scheme to fool you, me, the guy down at the corner bar. We are simply dupes being manipulated by Soros.

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damn…there you go again with facts…i was waiting for the Fauci link…oh well…

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Quick…somebody got get Rand Paul before the evidence is destroyed !!!

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Did I write they were ours?
Did you even watch Rubio’s questions and our official answers?
Did you understand the thread’s title?

Having bio reaserch labs in Ukraine makes no sense. Her/our own U.S. official clearly says they are some.

No doubts on the Russian propaganda.
Her own words:
"Ukraine has bio research facilities:
The question is WHY knowing their geopolitical location?

A lot of countries still do.

It ain’t that unusual, globally speaking.


It makes no sense knowing they are a powder keg. The pro-Russian seperatists in the Donbass region have been battling the Ukrainians since…2014. That makes no security sense.

Probably because we gave them a lot of money that ended up in Panamanian banks

It makes no sense whatsoever for Ukraine to have bio research labs.

There are 60 BSL-4 labs spread over 23 countries, the largest concentration of BSL4 labs is in Europe, with 25 labs. North America and Asia have roughly equal numbers, with 14 and 13 respectively. Australia has four and Africa three.

Shocking, Russia is accusing the US of running these labs. They will pivot from invading due to nazis to weapons of mass destruction.

I am fascinated how some on here are just infallible experts on every single topic, and everyone else is wrong.

(Gain of funtion experts…stand by…your next)


Every bad thing in the world got its start on January 20, 2021.

Biological research is collaborative, and results are shared worldwide. That’s why.

Why would the US put anything in an earthquake zone? Or Tornado Alley? Or the hurricane-prone areas surrounding the Gulf of Mexico?


Here is a picture of a red panda. Just because.


Wow, those biolabs are good because this is what the red panda looks like now

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What is the likelihood of the Ukraine bio research labs getting hit prior to the war?

What is the likelihood of:
and others to get hit prior to the war?

Again why does Ukraine have these?

Possibly to research defenses against a possible Russian biological attack?

Just thinking.