Birmingham Bowl Pep Rally

Proud to announce there was a sea of red. We outnumbered Auburn and it was noticeable. My daughter even said “it’s like we never left home”. Hopefully we see thousands more of red tomorrow. Both bands were great. Their crowd knew the songs the band played. Our fans unfortunately were a little quite besides my ass yelling. Was happy even though some Coogs didn’t know our fight song, they were there in person showing support. Took pics with Dr. Khator and friends. Blessed to be here to support our Coogs. Go Coogs!!!


My thinking is that since they all probably live in the area, they will just drive in tomorrow. But glad to hear that y’all are repping. All of the photos are making me want to be there.


Never too late to join us

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Unfortunately, work beckons me.

Great job Christian…keep up the good work !

Go Coogs …Beat Auburn !

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Good news.

I was just told in the hotel elevator by a Ms. Lady Coog that she recorded me at the pep rally. Damn I feel famous.


Thank you for being there and showing support for those of us that could not.


I was wearing my Coog gear in a local store last week and a young lady who attends U of H asked me if I was going to the game. Unfortunately because my wife’s work schedule I won’t be there. She said she was going and was so excited, it was her first bowl game. I hope she made the rally. That is how we build the next generation of Coog Fans.
Wish I was there.
Stay safe and healthy.


Anybody have a picture?