Black unis tomorrow

Something to look forward to!!

I mean, I saw a silhouette. I missed the black uniform I guess. Not a very clear ad.

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Black unis with a red helmet if the end of the ad is a representation of our attire for tomorrow

Just win.


Hell I’d piss on a spark plug if I thought it would do any good


Da man!


Looks like new uni’s not the charcoal

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Black for the season’s funeral?


OMG. It’s funny because it feels true.

Black unis with dark red numbers are almost impossible to read with my tired old eyes . . . . . if my message was not clear enough . . . . . I do not like the black unis . . . . . It’s Red and White for me . . . . .


We vacated our traditional colors long ago. If you look at Fresno’s red its closer to what ours should be.

Might as well wear salmon and green.

Btw…love white helmets on any occasion.

I think I see ‘H-town’ in script on the pants…

Wish the team had chrome helmets with the red logo.

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wear black for our own funeral

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Blackout hopefully for D’Onofrio’s last game at TDECU


They have them, but haven’t used them yet.

Chrome helmets at night are awesome. Kentucky has the best chrome helmets, I don’t know why other teams don’t use a similar design. They are also a Nike school.

When’s the last time we wore black? 2015?