BlazeTV host sees the light

This is what it looks like when someone in a cult wakes up…

‘I’m the mark, I’m the sucker’

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I missed it, when did Rudy admit it was a lie

Last couple days.

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I’m not sure he’s admitting it. I think he’s mad the others are either not believers anymore or have given in.

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Wow. I can see why the dupes are shaken, Rudy basically saying “yeah we lie with a straight face”

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I can’t even pretend to understand it at this point.

And Giuliani says the First Amendment gives him the right to lie. That’s his defense. :roll_eyes:

That jackass deserves to be on an express train to Hell.

Here’s the actual document signed by Giuliani:

“Both sides” are just as bad in 3 … 2 … 1 …,