Bo Pelini for DC

Talk about bringing some energy to the sideline. Has been successful as a DC everywhere he has been a DC. Defenses show vast improvement when he shows up and drop off when he leaves. His defenses force a lot of turnovers too. Has experience recruiting here as well.
If he is interested it would be a home run in my opinion.


You have no objections here. He is a

His twitter parody account talking about the cougars would be epic too.


Just did a little research. It looks like his $130,000 a month Nebraska owed him ends this year. His income will drop to the $214,000 a year that Youngstown St. is paying him unless he moves to a new gig.

He’s only 50 years old. A DC job here could put him on track for another head coaching job in the future. I would think he would at least listen to what we can offer.


Dear Lord! With Briles and Pelini on the sideline Applewhite would have a nervous breakdown.


Well, at least that would end the debate about whether Major is a human being or an automaton.


Can you imagine Briles jumping up and down like a kid at Fiesta Texas and Pelini threatening to kill all the referees…in the same game.

And Pelini wouldn’t have yanked the jacket off Oliver. He would have sat it on fire.


Tony Levine approves of this google search!

Pelini is an outstanding DC and defensive coach in general. He has had success with pros and college programs as such. However, he is not a good HC, and his record shows that also. At 4-7 this year with Youngstown State, he may not have a long career there and surely isn’t laying groundwork for another HC position.

But, would he work for a younger HC like CMA?

Bo might be Miles choice at Kansas.

That wouldn’t surprise me, they worked well together at LSU.