Boebert escorted out of show

It’s an honest job. Can you say that about all lawyers?

No, you cannot.


to be common and/or of very little value

Bachelor’s degree 34.98%

Educational attainment in the United States (2018)[4]|Education|Age 25 and over|Age 25-30|
| — | — | — |
|High school diploma or GED|89.80%|92.95%|
|Some college|61.28%|66.34%|
|Associate degree|45.16%|46.72%|
|Bachelor’s degree|34.98%|36.98%|
|Master’s degree|13.04%|9.01%|
|Professional degree|3.47%|2.02%|

Boebert was born in Altamonte Springs, Florida, on December 19, 1986.[10] When she was 12, she and her family moved to the Montbello neighborhood of Denver and later to Aurora, Colorado, before settling in Rifle, Colorado, in 2003.[11][12] Boebert dropped out of high school during her senior year in 2004 when she had a baby;[13][14] she earned a GED certificate in 2020, a month before her first election primary.[13][14]

So, I would say having a high school diploma or GED is common in the US.

But sure, they are both the same.

AOC got the bartender job out of necessity to help her mother shortly after her dad died.

Either way she’s wildly more successful than you’ll ever be so this seems like a pointless hill to die on.


I don’t know.

Her legislative career hasn’t had many successes has it?

Not as far as I can tell.

Youngest woman to ever serve in Congress.
Submitted the New Green Deal to the House
Oh, and she raised $5mil for the 2021 Texas power crisis (a state she doesn’t even represent).

I could go on, but I won’t. You don’t have to agree with her politics to appreciate that she’s a very hard working, driven woman who basically came from nothing.

We need more people like her in Congress, comparing her to Boebert based of them both being women who at one point tended bar is pretty laughable.


Did the New Green Deal pass into law?

If the answer is NO….which it likely is……

Then I rest my case.

How much of her sponsored legislation has been passed into law?

Virtually none that I can think of.

ZERO success.

Case closed.


Diggin in, per usual.

They aren’t the same.

One gave a handy in a play meant for children.

The other did not.



Didn’t say they were the same.

But they have similar qualifications (or the lack thereof), and pre-election employment history.

I wouldn’t vote for either one.

You frustratingly implied they were the same.

And your elitist bent on “bar maids” is just that. Elitist. Typical lawyering.


Did you even go to Harvard Law???

If not, meh… Not impressed.



Isnt he a bar made too? :wink:


You are on a grumpy old man character arc, my friend. :rofl:



That’s because I AM a grumpy old man!



I wish there were 500 less lawyers in Congress.

Broke up with the dude because she’s embarrassed. At least he got a half-handy out of the deal.

She’s trash.

I’ll never understand why people like Lauren Boebert or Marjorie Greene are selected as spokespeople to represent the Republican Party either. These people are just awful

It’s not that simple. Some portions of New Green Deal did in fact get incorporated into both the
Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

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Is the case still rested? How does it work on the blowhard scale?

How many drag queen shows you been to rt, fess up