Book Bans Soared in the 70's Too

Yes in most if not all cases it is an overzealous teacher.

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So remove the teacher if appropriate.

But instead the event becomes weaponized in a broader way that leads to book bans and the politization of school boards.

Which leads to this, under the guise of protecting the kids.


One off teachers are promoting all kinds of stuff.

We also have to define what “promoting homosexuality” means.

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Now that’s a sh-t show waiting to happen.

Good growth on your part; may be you need to get a DNA check to see if
you have some alien liberal dna in those brain cells.

Just kidding of course…on exposure to homosexuality, my journey is kinda like yours. A pretty
hard no , with some trepidation, at one point. But now I know more and discovered thru work
how large that community is. Must have been hell in 1950s if you had to live in the closet.


Absolutely NRG. My sister is gay and she wouldn’t come out while my father was alive because she didn’t want to disappoint him. That is some heavy duty emotional stuff there.

When she came out I was supportive in a “she is my sister I will support her if she was an ax murderer” kind of way. I still didn’t get it.

Time and meeting more and more gay people eventually opened my eyes that I liked them as much if not more than straight people I knew.

Time changes people.


Yes it does.
But the graying and loss of hair, I could do without.


Just to show how ridiculous the book bans are in Texas…

This is the current Texas Poet Laureate getting his book banned.


So your views are a man can be a woman, and 10 yr olds should get thier junk wacked.

Well for the former, trans people exist and as for the latter, that’s literally not happening anywhere sooo welcome to reality. Go clutch your pearls about a real issue.



As usual, you bring everything back to your obsession.

Explain what that has to do with banning books, which is what I was talking about and this thread is about. Please show your logic and mental gymnastics that got you from book bans to this.

A book can be a hero…

“A 10-year-girl in Delaware picked up “It’s Perfectly Normal” while at the library with her mother. When they came home, she showed her mom the chapter on sexual abuse and said, “This is me.” She was being abused by her father, and it was the first time she’d spoken about it.”

“The father was convicted, and the judge said, “There were heroes in this case. One was the child, and the other was the book.” Also a hero was the librarian who made this book available on the shelves.”


So many books allow the reader of almost any age to make them feel like they are not alone in what they are dealing with in their lives. Ignoring or banning the content, doesn’t make the issues they are struggling with go away.


The book Jarhead is getting banned.

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Please stop projecting your personal desires onto others.

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You have a serious fascination with men’s genitals…please don’t say that’s not true.

If you do I’ll go back and count EVERY post that you have made reference about male genitalia.


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She is sorry she got outed .not about her actions or posts.

Miami Against Fascism also shared video of Salinas with the Proud Boys, a far-right group with ties to antisemitic activists, as well as a video of her attending a school board protest last year with Moms For Liberty, a “parents’ rights” group active in pushing for book removals across the country.

Moms For Liberty is how a small group can weaponize a school board.


The crazy people are winning.

Decent folk need to shut them down.