BOOM 2022 Recruits (Sharp, Arceneaux, Walker)


Great stuff! Now let’s get these 3 outstanding recruits an outstanding PG.


If shead develops a consistent offensive game by next season then we will have our outstanding PG!


Ideally, you want two outstanding PGs. One starting, the other as a backup. One upper classman, the other as FR or SO. My post took into account the fact that we have a good one in Shead.


It’s so incredible to see UH signing star classes like the other blue bloods have been for years.

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We need sharp for the inside game.

How good can we be once the 3 arrive?

We should have a great mix of returners and newcomers next season. Guys like Shead, Roberts and Mark will be the leaders. Of course any of the other vets if they are back.


With Sharp coming in early, he and Coach Bishop can reshape his body.

This, plus Sharp starting to learn some of our defensive concepts is going to be great for his development.


Sharp as much as any of the 3 will benefit from arriving early.
Rather than stating off behind he has the opportunity to be ready by the time the other two arrive.I don’t know that there is room for all of Arceneaux., Sharp, Armbrester and Walker in our 5 guard rotation.
We know Shead and Mark will be there. If Sasser goes pro one of the 4 will be starting.

As the season progresses, Arceneaux will see a lot of playing time next year. You can bank on that. He’s likely the most important recruit in UH hoops in the last 20+ years.

Hopefully, he’s the first in a long line of top tier greater Houston/Southeast Texas area talent to pass on the likes of UT, LSU, ATM, Baylor, etc. to sign & play for CKS at UH!

If that happens, I think that CKS is gonna win us a Natty!


I’m also excited about TA, but I think the title of most important recruit in the last 20+ years goes to Galen Robinson.


AKA “The Godfather”

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The recruits now are coming into a program of “haves”. We have the facilities, wins, and culture. They’re joining an established program. But Galen was the one to join and buy into a vision before we actually had anything.


Cason Wallace

Wallace signed with Kentucky today

Let’s get somebody better then! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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In my opinion Arceneaux will be starting (if not at the start of the season at the latest come conference play). He’s that good.

Galen was a warrior and came here as a 3 star but mainly because Coach Sampson saw him as a warrior and leader!
Sampson’s eye for players is the reason I believe this program has developed so well.
Also think when Sampson likes a 2 star or five star that recruit has special skills and character.


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