Boom! 3 ⭐️ Jamal Shaw Safety Commits

RC S!ocum once said he chose football because if he hadn’t he’d be working at the Orange shipyard.

Now, either football or, if you’re lucky, a refinery job

My wife is from Orange and when we leave after a visit she thanks me for getting her away from there


The only place worse than Orange is Bridge City just down the road…yikes.

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That area has put out a lot of great football players. It will be interesting to see how that community fares given the attack on the O&G industry.

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Bridge City sucks so much.


True dat…In the 70s-80s West Orange Stark was a monster. Beaumont Westbrook (?). That area turned out quite a crop of players.
Speaking of oil communities, MOJO (Odessa Permian) probably the most famous of the oil and gas communities. Midland had the sons of white collars, Odessa had the sons of roughnecks. Puzzling why Odessa was a power (I kid…).

Make no mistake, the war on the energy industry will reap all sorts of unwanted ills. Texas will lose jobs and a portion of its tax base. The EPA is once again out of control. This is the 3rd year of a CapEx of zero for exploration, because companies are scared to death of the business climate.Companies are only drilling what they have to, under lease terms. Nothing truly “new” is coming on line.

Not good.


I thought you were being sarcastic.
The golden triangle area all the way to Lake Charles has real talent.

Exhibit A: Christian Trahan

Is this what we’re doing now, sneaking our political points of view into our otherwise sports comments?


That isn’t something that is just now starting

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The very first UT wishbone Fullback was from Bridge City.

Steve Wooster.

And our very own Wade Phillips played for Nederland.

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Elandon Roberts

Wade played for PNG (Port Neches-Groves)

That’s a cardinal sin to get PNG and Nederland (Mid-County Madness) mixed up in the Golden Triangle.

I would think Vidor should be in the “worst” conversation.

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We can discuss “unwanted ills” in another forum that requires an ability to think beyond the short-term.


Fair enough and point taken. Merely pointing out HS FB traditionally seemed to have had some powerhouses born out of Texas oilfield communities…

Vidor goes to the playoffs sometimes because they run the Wing-T formation. On a personal level, I met more racist people in Lumberton than I did in Vidor.

His first coaching gig was for his dad at West Orange Stark. He also “taught” history. My wife was in his class and she didn’t learn a thing about history. “All I had to do was sit in the front row and look cute and I got an A”