BOOM DB Ben Montgomery 2019 (update: decommitted)


Love it!

Watching the highlights, kid will fit right in to the Jackboy culture. Can tackle and seems to have a nose for the ball.

Recruits are starting to sign on.

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Nice to see him visit. He visited UT last week:

Poor kid:

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No harm in him exploring his options. I am sure the new coaches may have impacted the decision.

What other offers does he have?

I think committing so early isn’t a great thing for many kids. If he can get some visits to schools he’d never think about if not for football, then why not be open to that? He should enjoy the process of recruitment as much as possible.

Doesn’t seem to have any others. I could be wrong.

Did the new UH DB coaches take a look at him & suggest other options?

From what i read it seems he has been having different people talk to him and just wanted to weigh his options. Nothing wrong with that.

Guessing the new DB coaches and Deontay Anderson’s arrival may have influenced his decision.