Boom! - Dennis Bardwell (13 Jun)

from OT Dennis Bardwell.

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6’5"…that’s a big boy! The trenches will be getting nastier.

Excuse the burnt orange, but dude looks super fit at that weight.

Indeed. I could see him playing bigger. Yancy McKnight has a good track record in his short time here, let alone he has another year of lifting in HS.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Bardwell! Go Coogs!

Here’s his commit statement:

Yeah, he appears to know his way around the gym. This is the type of OL I’m glad to see us target. Guys that can walk around at 280 (maybe 300-305 by the time he gets here), but can also get up and down the field. He ran a 4.85 at our camp.

Solid offer list, too. Exciting get.

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Great to have him on board. Welcome to The Cougar family, Mr. Bardwell!

Check out the video embedded in this tweet. Shows Bardwell jumping on top of 3 stacked tractor tires. Has to be about 5 feet. Dude’s an Offensive Lineman :astonished:

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