BOOM! ITS OFFICIAL! Former 4 ⭐️ Texas A&M CB Brian George II Commits

Sounds like he got a better NIL deal at UH


I would think any NIL deal couldn’t be contingent on him playing for any particular school

With NILs, you win some, you lose some. At this stage of UH’s transition to the B12, it will be difficult to compete with a P5 school in NIL, if that school really wants a player. I am more concerned if UH is losing out to G5 schools on NILs. I cannot recall any player UH lost out to a G5 school.

Lol! I was talking about him signing a NLI (National Letter of Intent). And trying to get released from it.

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I guess that depends on the wording of the contract or else you could end up like aTm buying a TranAm for an SMU player.

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WheelerBoy, are you secretly Quinn Ewers? I am the Ohio State NIL Police.

I can neither confirm nor deny

Nope. Relationships.

Cool. Are you saying he got a similar NIL but had relationships that led him to UH or the NIL wasn’t a factor? It seems a lot of players these days are going with the highest bidder. If it’s about relationships, is this why some on the board were high on Belk?

George was always on the cusp of being a starter at A&M. He did in fact start a few games in place of injured players.

It looks like George is seeking opportunity at a school that will be able to offer him significant playing time. I hope he makes the best of UH.


Transfers don’t sign NLIs.

If a player looks at how many DBs get drafted from UH under Belk, it makes sense to come here. 2 last year and at least one this year.


I think Owens is getting drafted for sure!

Coach V delivers!


Texas A&M ex-4-star’s reason for Houston transfer will frustrate fans (

So maybe UCF is sitting on that NLI to not let him go to a conference rival?

If so, UCF is gonna fit right in the Big 12

Transfers do not sign NLIs.

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So basically George transferred to UH in search of more playing time.

I’ve got to believe that is among the biggest reasons student-athletes transfer schools. That shouldn’t frustrate fans. The player is simply seeking the best opportunity he can.

The recruiting at this point makes it clear we kept the coaching staff in place
and it is paying off. Baylor did not win a B12 game for 6 years, we will be at the top
in two.

I read the article and I agree; nothing for aggie to get upset over.

Unfortunately, we ARE dealing with aggie and they are hypersensitive kind of folks. I am sure that the comment that George did not see eye-to-eye with D.J. Durkin has them in a tizzy.