Boom Joseph ManJack Commits



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What kind of numbers (if any) did he have at USC?

He’s a 6’3” receiver.


Good find. #GoCoogs

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6 catches for 67 yards…didn’t play much…he’s a freshman and they were loaded and going to become more loaded with new coach. video on him looks pretty good


With the frosh, the returning guys, and the portal guys, this WR group should tear it up.

Had some nice offers.


One of biggest positives I see in all these late recruits, transfer portals incoming, is that they’re from the Hou area. That’s what is needed to sustain over the long haul n do well in the looming BIG12 switch. Small steps will lead to big steps in Signing n keeping Houston H.S. players to want to stay home.


Dell, Carter, Singleton, Manjack, and Golden is a nice top 5.

Still would like 1 more instant impact guy in the receiver room for next season.


Joprior, wasn’t there another one who got hurt b4 season began or maybe had to sit out a year.

It’s good to have a larger than average receiver to make up for the loss of Herslow.

He could be next year’s Herslow.

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Only big time prospect I can think of that got hurt pre-season last year is Mark Wilson. He’s a safety.

Carter got hurt mid season.

Yea, I know of Carter. Let me look deeper

I guess we don’t hold grudges


C.J. Guidry is who I was thinking of. Came ftom Shadow Creek H.S. . Not sure if he just RS or got hurt. I know he was a speedster n pretty sure he went to State for T&F as a Senior.


Yeah. I think he was just a redshirt.

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My thoughts exactly. CoachV knows Joseph ManJack I believe pretty well. A year ago I thought this would have been a great recruit. I still do. Let’s forget the past and go forward. He has got IMO great potential. His speed alone combined with his size is a tremendous combo. Heart and team spirit always win.
Check his arm and his blocking abilities. He is a true athlete/Swiss knife.


Ok thks. Another body that hopefully can help some being he’s already been in the system.

Lol. You can’t hold grudges in recruiting.

We needed a Herslow replacement.

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New WR transfer!


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