BOOM! Mercy Miller (c/o of 24) Committed

I think CKS has at least another 5 years left in him.

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but also class of 2024… ive never seen a freshmen commit stick all the way to his senior year… so not holding my breath…
great pub for the school in the meanwhile


Sophmore now but I know what you mean. I think Master P wants him here so we will see how it plays out.


I think his brother just started his freshman yr at TSU so being in the same city is probably a plus in our favor

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i think he is more playing it smart after what happened to hercy miller
hercy picked up a ton of early offers (lsu, usc, mizzou) he waited, none were active when it was time, he now at Tennessee state… i think he is more doing the opposite now… and securing his son a seat at the table, and can change his mind later

wrong tsu, he is in tennesse state

Great promo for the program


Oof my apologies lol

Edit: maybe I was thinking Shaq’s son? Idk I’m getting old…

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Brandon Jenkins is comparing him to Keyonte George wow. Will be very interesting to see how he develops.

I know it’s photo-ops and all…but that kid looks proud to have that jersey on. If he sticks with us over the next couple of years and ends up on campus, I’ll be thrilled to have him represent our university.


For those who don’t have Instagram


Hey. That tall skinny white kid has some skills. Passing, dribbling full court. If he can shoot, just add about 40 pounds via the weight room.


Chet Holmgren 7’1"

#1 2021 player on 247. Committed to Gonzaga.

Does this mean Master P company going to be our FedEx for the next few years…

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You know how to spot talent!


He’s really good. His cousin V.J. Miller imo is the best player from that class. Think Jalen Green 2.0.

Great news!

Have Mercy!!!

That IG video was great.

MP doing some serious pimping for Big E, Akeem, and those guys.

The kid is a wonderful ball handler. I can see that already.

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Sorry. I didn’t know who he was. I just thought some overlooked skinny white kid going to North Lakes JC. My bad.

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Very real possibility that Mercy is a 5 star in the 2024 class.


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