Boom running back coach Jinks


“and running backs coach at Texas Tech (2013-15).” + Decade + of TX High School time.

Seems like a fit.


Man, the little blurb makes it sound like he was bad seed for USC and they’re glad to get rid of him.

Just read the article. I didn’t get the feeling they were trying to say he was bad. I wonder what kind of “off-field” role CDH is gonna have him do…I’m guessing maybe recruiting?

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Same here and IMO this is all to improve our entire OL/RB “rebuilt”

My own thoughts:
Coach speak until the Blackwell move to Ole Miss is official.


Ah yes. Was just reading up on Blackwell to Ole Miss on another thread…seems to connect the dots.

Dunno how long Blackwell had been RB coach with us, but personally, I felt we didn’t do too well in that dept. prior to McCaskill. The last good RB we had imo was UT transfer, Catalon back in 2016. Sadly he got kicked off the team.

Other than that, Car was good, but constantly injured. And I liked another UT transfer, former 4*, Porter, but we had the coaching change, and I feel we just didn’t have coaching consistency to really see how good he could be. He had flashes of being good, and I will always remember a juke move he made vs Oklahoma where he gained a good amount of yardage. That was pretty cool.

Blackwell may be taking McCaskill…

I highly doubt that. McCaskill had the opportunity to go anywhere he wanted, he chose to stay home.


Yea, I don’t see that. He would be battling Zach Evans for the lead RB. He’s entrenched at UH as #1 RB n coming off great year, be big gamble on his part.


hope you’re right

Makes you wonder if we was trying to recruit Evans and Blackwell said come with me to Ole Miss

Absolutely no evidence of this just speculation


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