BOOM! Zykeius Strong #1 JUCO Pass Rush DE

That’s just speculation…Nix was nothing special in 2021


Same old recycled BS. Ashamed some of you chose to repeat it.
If the Cougars beat a legacy team (Fla St. Penn St. Auburn etc) it has to be because:
“They weren’t really up for the game”
“They had some players sick”
“Their best players chose not to play”
We beat the War Eagles in a hard fought game. Kudos to the team and especially those defense warriors who never quit.


does anyone know if they are now counting these transfers in the recruiting rankings?

I would like to see us getting a couple good cornerbacks also.

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These are the safeties I have listed as returning this fall:

5 Hasaan Hypolite S 5-11 205 Jr
15 Mark Wilson S 6-0 170 RFr
28 Thabo Mwanki S 5-11 190 Sr
29 Griffin-Taylor, Demarcus S 5-9 185 RFr.
32 Gaervarrrius Owens S 6-0 200 Sr
33 Garrison Vaughn S 6-2 198 Jr
37 Deondre Dansby S 5-8 170 RSo
38 Mike Welch S 5-10 185 RFr
41 T.J. Marshall S 6-1 195 RFr

That’s 3 seniors, 3 juniors, 1 redshirt sophomore, and 4 redshirt freshmen. I think we have adequate safeties if we don’t add anymore. But, I am not sure if our staff thinks we need anymore or if they are happy with who we have. Hypolite and Owens are good safeties, as are Hogan and Mwaniki. I am not sure about the sophs and freshmen since I don’t remember them from this past season.

Agreed plus Auburn, playing in front of a home crowd, came out pretty fired and was talking some smack.
They wanted a win badly


Hogan is a CB.

Hypolite, Owens, Mwaniki, Vaughn, and getting back Mark Wilson. Makes for a good group of 5.

I definitely have us taking at least 1 more. But doesn’t need to be an instant impact guy for next season, IMO.


Yeah, some of these guys were listed as one thing when i made this roster and then changed to something else. Like Anderson was a DB and then an LB. I had to remove Lewis from that list also.

We signed the #1 junior college cornerback and also a state Top 100 prospect from Spring.


You are missing Antonio Brooks at safety. Coach has mentioned him as a future player.

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For what its worth: more big timers on the way?


Gulf Coast sources ?

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Jim Perdue changed from that tag, so I have no clue as to the veracity of that post.

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I can vouch for it… Big things are coming for the Coogs!


You can throw Cam Malveaux in there as well.


I think you are correct .
Go Coogs !

Oh very good one J_coog. He actually fits the bill better than Bowser. Yea that hasn’t been an area where they lacked having a good athletic edge rusher w ht. n speed. N moreso this new recruit isn’t coming as a backup if he catches on quickly bc they’re losing David Anenih n Logan Hall as Edge Rushers. Good catch.

More boom coming??

Looks like Mr. Strong is not a “wee little man.”

(Anyone remember that song from Sunday School?)


Can he “climb up in a sycamore tree”? Yes, I know the song.

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