Picked us over Boise, USF, and Hawaii.

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Looks like a fine football player on paper! Definitely has the size and height! I’m gonna check his Hudl highlights to get an idea of his ability.

Update! We have a winner! Kid has great size and is a hard hitter! He is also very athletic and aggressive! A bonafide BOOM indeed!

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Sounds like a solid starter to me.
First team JUCO All American
2019 California Regional Defensive Player of the year
2019 SCFA National North Defensive Player of the year
Team MVP
LBCC male Athlete of the year


So we run a base 4-2-5. No one on the published roster is an OLB, by position code. I know they call them Mike, Will, whatever. That nomenclature isn’t on the roster either.

So my question is, with whom is he competing? Parish? Hall? Kirven (thought he was ILB).

Looks like a great pick-up. Welcome young man! Coog Nation has your back.


It’s Mike, Will, Bandit, and Nickel. It sounds like maybe the Bandit is an OLB/DE type. Sometimes the D almost looks like a 5-2 and others a 4-2. I think I remember is also looking like a 3-4 on occasion.

We need to mix it up a lot.

I prefer an unpredictable aggressive defense.

In today’s game, I believe it to be a requirement.

The bend, don’t break doesn’t work !

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Sounds like a Lavoy Allen type pick-up. I’m happy with it. Can’t never have too many pass rushers just ask the Texans. All they had was a beat up JJ Watt.

That helps. Maybe I’ll look for some reading on the scheme over the weekend. I was just curious as to which of our returning players will be his main competition.

It might all be semantics, but I kind of viewed what we did as a 4-2 or 3-3 front, depending on personnel with a full-time bandit or monster or nickel or whatever Grant is called. The latter can blitz, cover or run stop, depending on personnel, down and distance, etc.

So we can be variable up front, and add a linebacker or safety blitzer if we want.

But I am definitely an amateur on this kind of thing.

I think if we get and stay healthy, we will see us be more aggressive up front. I hope so, anyway.

Doesn’t really matter what you call it. We will have 3, 4 or 5 guys up front and hope we have enough versitility in our players that we can put anyone of our combinations on the field and still defend the run and pass. The first spring in a long time I am really looking forward to watching and hearing updates.