Boomers greed destroyed the economy

An interesting take with some facts, so is it all because of boomers doing the damage?

Inflation is also a story of larger tectonic shifts within the population.

And as boomers ride off into the sunset, they’re leaving behind an economy that isn’t really built to accommodate the demands of the 21st century.

Among the more intensely discussed economic disruptions of the pandemic has been the widespread lack of workers.

The shortage of labor pushed up wages for people able to keep a job and led the more obnoxious bosses and friends of your parents’ to complain that “no one wants to work anymore.”

Three years on, even after the programs that shouldered the blame for there being “no workers available” faded away, the labor shortage remains.

And researchers have determined the core source of this labor shortage: a wave of retirements in the generation complaining that young people lack a work ethic. The labor-force participation rate among people in their prime employment years, 25 to 54, is incredibly close to its pre-pandemic level, while the rate for those 55 and older is still down significantly

The baby boomers ensured the labor market of the generations after them would be inadequate in a few major ways. First, they had substantially fewer children per household than their own parents.

One of the most glaring and obvious areas of this boomer bottleneck is housing. In 2020, boomers, only about 22% of the population, owned 42% of American homes, and they especially dominated homeownership in coastal markets.

Boomers were the generation who staffed the financial firms that exploded in size and influence during the 1980s. Instead of investing productively into critical operations, boomers focused on pleasing shareholders and investors on Wall Street.

I wholeheartedly agree with this premise. We took from the needy and gave to the greedy.

No one is going to rehire 55+ year olds? They have higher salaries and high insurance rates.

Generation X RULES!!!


This system eats it own and eliminates them like excrement, when done with them. There walking talking being’s with emotions like us who want to be useful and have purpose for existence. When you rob a man or woman of hope you rob them of everything

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That would be against the law to not hire due to age.

…so…I’m going to take a different view on this…

Is the economy “destroyed” right now?

Hardly. We are in a decent place compared to actual bad times economically speaking, even with the higher inflation.

If this is “destroyed” what will we call an actual bad economy?

*Disclaimer…I haven’t read the article…just the headline LOL…get to it later.


The headline is a click baiting headline. But it says boomers laid the ground work that has and will continue to damage Gen X and Millennials and we will have to course correct.

So you’re saying I need reparations from my parents?


I am going to have to have a tough conversation with mom.

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