Bottom 25

We made CBS Sports’ bottom 25 at #23. Not only did we make the list, we made the headline.

College football rankings: Houston joins Bottom 25 after Cougars stumble through Big 12 debut game

Ranking commentary:
Houston lost at lowly Rice in Week 2 and was just throttled at home by TCU. Frankly, the Cougars are fortunate not to be 0-3 as they snuck away with a 17-14 victory over UTSA in Week 1. Year 1 in the Big 12 looks like it could be a long and ugly ride. We’ll see if fifth-year coach Dana Holgorsen survives it. (NR)

Also made the summary comments:
Houston, playing its first season in the Big 12, cracks the ranking at No. 23 after a 36-13 home loss against TCU. The Horned Frogs more than doubled up the Cougars in total yards and nearly tripled them in total first downs while waltzing to a dominant victory. It was a rude welcome to life in the Big 12 for Houston and a sign that this program is not positioned for early success in a more difficult league.

Of course, the warning signs were already there in a 43-41 at Rice, but the lackluster performance against TCU suggested that fifth-year coach Dana Holgorsen’s squad may be the worst of the league’s four first-year schools.


No way!!! I thought all the new schools were similarly disadvantaged and lagging years behind the b12.


After 3 games it looks like it would take some time to be AAC ready much less B12 ready


Great job Coach Dud !


BYU looks like the only B12 ready new school. Kendal Brile’s torches Belk’s D for 560 yards.


I sure hope we turn it around. I now realize what a homer i am. I would have bet money Manjack had a good catch in the end zone. That wasn’t even close to being good. Rose colored glasses.:rofl:

Ironic that both coaches named Dana made the Bottom 25.

UTEP is #17.


I have no words for how much the Holgi era has sucked.


I guess I’ll select the Muted option on this thread.

I’d say like a Hoover

Well at least we are ranked. But a win over Sam could drop us out lol


Might not need to worry about that.

We’re Ranked!!!


We are lucky that we won a game. That being said, I think if we can get an interim head coach and get our QB to carry the team, we can still finish the season with 4-5 wins. If we stick with Holgy I expect 2-10 or at best 3-9.


Coach speak 101:


I’ve attended all the games so far and couldn’t stomach watching the videos afterwards, is CDH still fiery on the sidelines? I never see him at the games since my seats are on the visitor side

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I missed donfrio defense

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We’ll move up in the rankings when we lose to Sam.

Note: Sam Houston was #22 on the list last week, but I guess the bye week gave other teams like UH a chance to pass them.

Note 2: Houston and Virginia (#10) are the only 2 P5 schools on the list. UVa was the only P5 last week at #18

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So…Pez has extended both our football and baseball coaches as they contine to destroy those programs.

Is this his criteria

Decreased fan support… :heavy_check_mark:
Trouble winning consistently… :heavy_check_mark:
Poor recruiting… :heavy_check_mark:
Doing less with more resources ever provided… :heavy_check_mark:
Embarassing the program nationally… :heavy_check_mark:

Pez…here’s your extension Mr Baseball and Football coach