Bottom line is

The fan base needs to rally behind the team right now. Not quit on them.

Tulsa needs to be the biggest butts in seats crowd of the year.


Agreed. I will be out of town unfortunately, I do have someone taking my seats.

Class of 2014 Always proud! Go Coogs

Yep, Big 12 will be watching closely. It’s easy to fill a stadium when we’re winning; the knock on us has been whether we support the team when we lose. Chance to prove that we won’t abandon the team when adversity hits.

Oh I will be at the next game supporting my Coogs 100%.


I’ll be there for Tulsa! Tough loss, but we went on a rampage after the UConn loss last year, maybe the same this year? Also have to hope Navy tanks a few conference games too.

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It is possible, they have Memphis and USF on their schedule.

I’ll be there with fam

The bottom line is that the posters on this board will be out in force next Saturday evening. As they always are. That pop you just heard was the balloon of the Houston general public giving a rat’s ass about our football team.


For now you right. But if Navy loses a couple games we could be right back in the driver seat.

Beat Louisville and the bandwagon gets full again.

We need bandwagon fans. They bring revenue and fill up some seats.

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We didn’t sell out the title game last season & UConn’s attendance wasn’t anything to write home about. Only focus needs to be on what’s in front of us…let’s beat Tulsa!

Maybe. Our attendance really started to take off after we beat Texas Tech and Oklahoma St in 2009. Gave the program relevance and credibility.

Fast forward. TDECU > Robertson. Wins over Florida St and Oklahoma > wins over Tech/Okie St.

I’m not ready to declare the buzz around the Houston program dead yet. In fact, if Houston and Louisville are both 9-1 in November, that game will get huge TV ratings and probably set the stadium attendance record.

What? The 2nd largest crowd in TDECU history was nothing to write home about? Throngs of people 3 and 4 deep at all the concourses was nothing to write home about? I know people are disappointed, but let’s not start revisionist history.

I will be there with 3 others( 4 of us total) wearing Red, being loud, and cheering on my team! I sat there through our good times and our bad. The hell, if I’m going to ever quit on UH. GO COOGS!!


I have 2 season tickets and I’ve been bringing someone different every game to try to get others hooked on the experience.

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Remember sat is Family day! I am buying tickets for the rents and my bros kiddos for Sat. Let’s go out there and support our extended Fam.

On tv, the upper decks looked fairly empty.

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