What do you think about M Bourne coming in as hitting coach

Go coogs

Chicks dig the long ball

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I’d be down for that…he had a great approach at the plate……maybe help with some base running as well.


Full agree. He does radio right now


I think he has helped out some with the TSU baseball team actually.

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We constantly go down the rabbit hole of wanting to hire alums. If it all aligns (like Pez), then that’s great. Otherwise, it is often a losing move that just leaves fans angry at the end and tarnishes the memories about the former player.


Here’s a couple questions for you.

What team leads the AAC in Hitting?

Why would we replace the current hitting coach?


I’m not a baseball coach so I don’t have an answer. I have my hands full complaining about base running.


In many cases I would agree with that….anyone that has ever talked to Michael for five minutes could tell you how much he loves baseball….I know this was just a hypothetical question, but I guarantee you Mike Bourne would throw himself into the job and succeed.

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Last night the wife and I were at Laurenzo’s and we saw him doing that Astros hitting segment at UH Development Center. What a great showcase for us.


Have to agree Holmes Some of the best fitting we have seen in years and up and down in the lineup. Then you bring ina punch hitter who jacks a three run homer last night

Note, I was at the game Tuesday night and Santiago hit a laser ins pundit got that night that would have probably left the park if he would have elevated the hit.

To be clear, I like Bourn a lot and would love it if he were part of the program. Just pointing out that our players have done a great job this season. Can’t replace the hitting coach after this performance.


Whitting did say preseason that this is the best hitting club he’s had… But, it has to be said (again) that this schedule is garbage. It’s nice that the guys are doing well offensively but, the competition isn’t all that… A little perspective is helpful.

Now if the go to ECU and light up the scoreboard, I’ll come back and retract the statement, but until then…

And it will be interesting what happens to the coaching staff… I’m betting Kivett (or whatever his name is) leaves for the SEC now that he gets paid to coach. The “pitching coach” seems to just enjoy his title… Maybe MB can come back and be the pitching coach? :thinking:

Go Coogs

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If Kivitt does leave then maybe okay of the problem is the department not providing enough money to keep good assistants.

My point is that in both Nobles case and Whitting has been losing quality assistants to higher paying schools.

They should have never let Anderson leave the building.

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