Bovada Conference odds

Bovada likes Houston’s chances:

Clemson, Oklahoma and Houston lead preseason conference betting favorites

Bovada released its preseason conference title odds Wednesday and the Sooners are 2-3 favorites to win the Big 12. Oklahoma is the only school among the conferences with odds to give a return less than the original bet.

Houston is listed as a 1-1 favorite to win the AAC while Clemson is a 3-2 favorite to win the ACC. Alabama (7-4) and Stanford (3-1) are the favorites in the SEC and Pac-12.

And in a circumstance that’s fitting of the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, the two are co-favorites for the Big Ten at 7-4.

How does an over-under work on expansion?

I think Carlton simply selected schools that have been mentioned as expansion candidates. The over/under figures are traditional over/under figures for games won.

No odds on BYU to Big 12?

Oh oops i understand now, for some reason it looked to me like he was giving over-unders on the expansion odds for each school, which would make much less sense.

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Can’t believe UT o/u is 8. Must be trying to get people off the over.

National Championship or bust lulz. Just playing. But with Alabama not as strong as other years, it’s WIDE OPEN.

Yipes … an asteroid has a better chance hitting the earth than the jayhawks winning the Big12 …

250 - 1 !!! …

Its been about 58 years since the jayhawks won a Big8/12 championship outright … and

IowaSt 104 years

Maybe a few more empty oil wells and gas pockets in Oklahoma seismically wiping out Norman and Stillwater may help …


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