Bowl game depth chart is out!


So Sedrick Williams is 2nd team DE. They may want him to replace Jones next year. Looks like Caldwell has really come on at DT.

Jayce Rogers–#6 - NB , announced he his applying for NFL Draft. I didnt thk he had eligibility left but I guess he did. I can find the tweet where he announced.


So is Sam Brown suspended for the bowl game? I don’t remember what came from his post game slap.

Brown isn’t in the 2 deep, I’m taking it he is injured ? Nvm. I forgot about the slap

Caldwell was having a good year until he got dinged up late in the season

We will have a lot of options at end next year with Beadles, Lawrence, Tucker and Strong

That is a lot of positions returning for next year, plus our Stud RB returns.


Yes, I’m just not sure any of those guys will be ready to start (maybe; Lawrence or Tucker especially might step up), so I’m hoping we find someone in the Portal unless maybe Williams is going to move to DE.

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No. He’s out of eligibility.

Ok. I guess it was just a goodbye tweet.


I know it was love/hate with Rogers and the fans but I did appreciate that he was always around the play. He plays hard. He’d get caught from time to time but it wasn’t for a lack of effort.

Nick Saenz was like that too. People said he was slow. He did end up making the Bills roster for a while I think.

Yes. Saenz was on Buffalo for a bit. He also spent a year in Tampa before being out of the NFL entirely.

Isaiah Johnson is another one Coogfans would complain about but has spent a few years in the NFL. Alex Myers is another one that Coogfans criticized often but the Steelers liked him.

Didn’t Johnson switch from WR to DB because he could get open but couldn’t catch?

If that’s the right guy, he clearly he NFL speed and size - just had to learn the ropes.


where is Demetrius Hunter? Not listed in 2 deep at all? Late enough he can play without losing red shirt, so how is he not listed at center?

Derek Bowman is older and ahead of him–simple as that. Give Hunter a year or two in the weight room, and he’ll be good to go.


I’m honestly not sure what to think about any of those guys after watching them not play much this year. I expected to see a bunch of at least two of them, but instead Bell and Williams have slid out to end.

I used to watch all of the coaches press conferences, but stopped this year so maybe Belk has spoken on all of this at some point earlier this season.

Beadles only played in 4 games to preserve his redshirt
Lawrence was hurt in the spring and out all year ( knee I believe)
The 2 touted juco players I’m not sure about . Tucker played some early but got hurt and I do t think I saw Strong on the field. I’m not sure of their ability to redshirt.
Caldwell looked good as a tackle until he got injured . Asi played sparingly a couple of games. I’m assuming he gets a redshirt also . But I’m not for sure .
Holmes looks like a good player but I think he was limited to 4 games but I might be incorrect

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I’m pretty sure you’re right about Holmes. Almost certain they redshirted him.

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Wow, I’m ashamed of how much of that escaped me. Somehow my opinion of coach Early raises even higher for making everything work. If we can get the back end straightened out then the defense has a chance to be markedly improved.

My early keys for next year are qb, oline, and secondary. I don’t consider the oline a question mark, but they’ll need to continue with their natural progression to account for the tougher competition. If we can run the ball consistently and limit the explosive plays on defense we can be competitive next year.